Budget-Friendly Fall Decor for the Home

One of the most difficult aspects of being a serial decorator is finding ways to curb your decorating appetite without breaking the bank. I personally find this to be more challenging when the seasons start to change. I shared in the past some of the ways I save money on seasonal decor , which included "shopping" our own home, but I'm human and I have to admit that the new inventory that pops up in my favorite stores can be really enticing! Who doesn't love fresh eye-candy, right (speaking of eye candy, how am I going to survive another twelve months without Jon Snow?) 

So today I gathered up some budget-friendly fall decorations for those of you who may be getting the itch to invite in the Autumn season with some new decor. Currently everything is under $40 but keep in mind some of these are on sale and I can't guarantee the prices will stay this low for long!

budget-friendly fall decor

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As mentioned in my other seasonal post , decorating for the different seasons doesn't always mean purchasing holiday themed items. As you can see below, there's very few pumpkin things and this is a great way to save money. Pumpkins are short-lease renters but buffalo check, textured pillows, and baskets.....they can live on for multiple seasons! Of course, if you are looking to include pumpkins these white ones come in a pack of 6 and are a total steal and what screams Fall more than candles? Nothing, nothing, I tell you! I feel like I can practically smell this Campfire Marshmallow candle through my screen!

Happy shopping and happy almost Fall!

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