Top 4 Fall Decor Color Schemes for Your Home

When it comes to fall decorating, I'm all about the non-traditional color schemes. I mean what kind of cruel world would we be living in if the shades of the season were limited to just black and orange? Every September, (or October, depends how motivated I am that year) I love dreaming up a new fall color palette for our home. There are so many beautiful color combos out there, it's sometimes hard to just pick one! I thought it would be fun if I shared some of the ones I'm crushing on this year just in case y'all are looking for some inspiration too!

blue and orange fall decorating ideas

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It's no secret blue incorporated into any color scheme would be my favorite, but I find it particularly visually appealing for fall, especially when paired with orange. It's playful like the customary orange and black, therefore, it's a great color combination for you traditionalist who are venturing out of your comfort zone for the first time! I always like to add in a few wood tones, like the curled wreath,  to subdue bold colors and calm things down a bit.

fall color palette

This fall color scheme is a front runner for my fall palette this year.  Judging by the fact that this, this, this, and this has all come home with me in the past few weeks, you can say I'm pretty obsessed with this color right now! I mean it's wine-based, how could I not be?  It's rich, and warm, and sophisticated (basically the way people describe me! Ha! I kid) and pairing it with gold and navy just takes it to a whole new level of gorgeousness!

neutral and black fall color scheme

This one is for you neutral lovers! I'm a huge fan of the light, raw wood look and pairing it with black makes for the perfect marriage.  I love how this palette is cozy with just a touch of spookiness for Halloween. It just gives off that Sleepy Hollow type of vibe, you know without the cheesiness. Not that riding around on a horse decapitated is cheesy or anything! Geesh, the last thing I want to do is to offend the Headless Horseman Association (I'm pretty sure such an organization exists!)

burnt orange and grey fall color palette

Lovely shades of burnt orange, combined with calming greys, feels particularly fitting for the autumn season. This color combo seems to capture the crisp but cozy feel of an October night. Just looking at that beautiful throw makes me want take a nap!

Awww! I wish I had four houses to decorate so I can play with all of these fall color schemes! Which one is your favorite?

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