Holiday Gift Guide for the Preschool Boy

'Tis the season for holiday shopping! I've made a list, checked it twice, and have curated a huge selection of gift and toy ideas for 3-4 year old boys. Are you stuck for present ideas for your preschooler, nephew or grandson?  I'm excited to bring you my holiday gift guide, filled with suggestions based on my own experience as a mama to a 4 year old boy!

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gift ideas for preschool boys 3-4 years old

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Over the past year, I've taken note of the toys and items that got the most use in our household and/or kept our little guy's attention long enough to allow me to use the bathroom and maybe pin a craft or two (that I'll never do) to my Pinterest boards. I'm also including a few items that Santa may be slipping under the tree this year for him (so far all he's asked for is Silly Putty!) With Black Friday and Cyber Monday right around the corner, you're sure to find some great deals!

Skip Hop Toddler Backpack

This is hands down one of our most used items! Aside from being adorable (there's other characters too ), it's the perfect size for little kids, and it's got an insulated pouch for snacks (which if you've ever been out and about with a preschooler then you know your your snack inventory will determine whether or not you come home alive!) We use it to store extra clothes for day trips and B likes to stuff toys in it to bring to doctor appointments or to his grandparent's house.

bath toys for boys
ALEX Toys Rub A Dub Tub Island

Much to my surprise, this is one of Little B's favorite bath toys and has been for a whole year! It floats on the water surface and your kiddo could easily use other bath toys to play on top of it.

games for preschoolers
Busytown, Eye Found It Game

This appears to be a family favorite and came highly recommended by a moms' Facebook group I'm in. I can't wait to play it with our little guy!
digital camera for toddlers
Discovery Kids Digital Photo Camera

We got this for B last year and he enjoys pulling it out from time to time to take pictures of the dog or unflattering angles of my butt. Don't expect high quality Instagram worthy photos but it's a cute way to introduce your little ones to photography.

Popular toys for Christmas 2017

Word around town is the Batbot will be a hot item this year. I was lucky to score a great deal on it last week at Target and I'm guessing stores will probably have Black Friday sales on it too, so keep your eyes peeled. We're big Imaginext fans in this house!

bug holder for toddlers

Backyard Safari Critter Shack

B and his neighbor friends carried this bug shack around our backyard all summer long collecting crickets and toads. I happily enjoyed these critters taking up real estate in something other than my Mason jars for once!

teaching kids to save money

My hubby, the numbers guy, will totally appreciate this gift! This 3-in-1 bank is a great way to introduce your kiddos to basic money concepts, like how to "save" (something I'm REALLY good at! Right, honey? Hello?)

dinosaur bedding

How cute is this? I mean what little boy doesn't want to wake up as a dinosaur? They have an astronaut version too.

Kiwi Co Subscription

What kid doesn't love to get mail? Subscription boxes are great gift ideas for long distance grandkids and nephews! Kiwi Co is a highly recommended subscription line with boxed projects that focuses on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math). They have different crates for ages 0-16. I actually picked up a 3 month subscription for my nephews this Christmas! 

headphones for little kids

Consider this more of a gift for you and your significant other while on long car rides! We bought these Batman headphones last year for B and are so thankful we no longer have to be subjected to the Doc McStuffin's theme song over and over again or obnoxious You Tube videos. #youarewelcome Just make sure you pick ones that have safe volume control on them to protect the little ones ears (only for them to grow up and never listen to you anyways!)
kinetic rock toy

Up until recently, B was never a great independent player. Aside from Play Doh, this Kinetic Rock Crusher was the only other thing that would keep him distracted for long periods of time. The only two downsides to this toy is that it's hard to find kinetic rock replacement (not to be confused with kinetic sand) and the little rock pebbles are sticky and will cling onto your socks and annoy the crap out of you, but well worth it when it keeps your kid out of your hair for an hour! I started having him play with the rocks and trucks in a large aluminium pan on top of an old towel and this has cut back on the mess. 
toddler dino hooded sweatshirt

We all know clothes are like the worst gift you could give a kid but I swear if they in any way resemble a costume, they love it! B jumped up and down when I brought home this cute dino sweatshirt (he has a similar monster one too) and I am totally in love with this lion one that I plan on adding to his wishlist!

small indoor bouncy house for your house

So this is a great group gift idea if grandparents or aunts and uncles are looking to go in together on a present for your little ones! We actually don't own this but our neighbor does and it's enjoyed by kids of all ages ranging from 18 months to 8 year olds. It's perfect for those of us who live in states that have to endure cold winters and are looking for ways to burn the kiddo's energy.

Hope you enjoyed day 2 of the Delightfully Noted Holiday Gift Guide series!Have a toy or gift idea you would add to this list? I'm having a hard time coming up with ideas for my little man this year, so I'm all ears! 

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