5 Ways to Repurpose A Plaid Shirt For Christmas Decor

I'm positive you don't need me to remind you that Christmas is just one week away, BUT holy crap, friends, it really IS just one week away. Shouldn't there be some kind of law where we can add an extra week into December to help us get ALL the things done? I'm sure Santa would agree. 

Well, despite my laundry list of to-do's before the big day, I am happy to report that the decking of halls has concluded. If you missed any of our holiday tours, you can check them out here and here. Today I wanted to hop on really quick to share a round-up of how I repurposed thrift store plaid shirts through out my home this holiday season. You've heard me talk about it a few times through out my tour but I thought it would be nice to have a really quick overview of all the creative things you can do with these lovely, magical garments.

ideas on how to repurpose an old shirt

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So first let's talk about the shirts. If you can't raid your hubby/boyfriend/son's closet(s) and it's still illegal to rob your neighbors, then hit up your local thrift stores. I decorated with just 4 shirts (2 mens, and 2 boy sizes) through out our whole home. I think $2.50 was the most I paid for one of them. I even bargained one down to a $1.oo after discovering a hole in it. Haha. I must of been in a really frugal mood that day because I am not a negotiating type.

repurposed old shirts

Now let's take a quick tour of all the fun things I did with the shirts!

Plaid Shirt Turned Mini Tree Skirt

Repurposed Shirt Christmas Tree Skirt

This toddler button-up was the perfect size for the base of my mini Christmas tree in our entry way. I simply just unbuttoned the shirt, placed the tree in the middle of the fabric, and then using the arms of the shirt just tied it around the tree to make a skirt. Took 30 seconds!

Plaid Shirts Turned Gift Bows and Ribbon

repurpose old shirts for christmas decorations

Repurposed shirt craft ideas
This was probably my favorite way to utilize the shirts and actually what inspired me to use them in the first place. I wanted plaid ribbon for our gifts but couldn't find any with my blue and red color palette. Sometimes you just have to improvise!

For larger gifts, just make sure to use a bigger shirt and start cutting your strips from the back tail of the shirt, going all the way over the shoulder, down to the bottom front of the shirt. You could even use the shirts as just straight up gift wrap for smaller gifts if you want.

Plaid Shirts Turned Stocking Decor

stocking decor ideas

stocking ribbon

A few shirt scraps helped dress up our blue stockings and tie them into the rest of our holiday decor.

Plaid Shirts Turned Bowl Fillers

repurposed shirt craft ideas

Sometimes you just need a little something-something to fluff up your decor bowls and who knew torn up strips of shirts were just the thing.

Plaid Shirts Turned Napkin Decor

fun napkin folding ideas
White Dishes | Red Wine Glasses | Red Cloth Napkins

Another favorite of mine, use the shirts to make napkin bows! Trust me, these fingers of mine have never folded a fancy napkin in my life, but this was so easy and looked even more festive once I added the plaid "bows" on top.

So there you have it, five easy ways to transform old plaid shirts into festive one-of-a-kind  holiday decorations! I feel like if time would of allowed, I could of kept coming up with more ways to use these shirts. Their scraps are just so versatile! Are there any ideas I missed? How would you have used the shirt scraps in your home?


Anonymous said...

Love your ideas. I take long, (maybe 3-4") skinny scraps of plaid fabric and tie them on tree branches. I don't even make a bow, just tie them once and they look real cute on an old fashioned tree.

Peggy said...

There is what appears to be a plaid bag in several pictures. You never tell how you made it and I would love to make it. Can you please give the information. Plaid is my new black.

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