The Simple Trick to Keeping Picture Frames Straight

I just realized that almost all of my posts for this year so far involves walls. First, there were the playroom wall shelves that saved my sanity, then the oversized artwork that saved us pennies, and last but not least, the newly hung gallery wall that saved our living room from an ugly, boring life. Well, today's post is staying right on theme, because today I'm sharing a super simple tip on how to keep picture frames straight.

how to keep picture frames straight

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Is there anything more annoying than a frame that keeps shifting on the wall? Well, a matter of fact there is, there's the Kardashians , there's taxes.... But you get the point, crooked picture frames is up there when it comes to one of  life's annoyances.

So the new gallery wall in our living room has stolen my heart. I love it, but what I don't love is that I have to constantly readjust a few of the frames to keep them straight. On the other side of this wall is the steps that lead to our basement and the constant walking up and down the stairs rattles the wall a little, which then causes some of the frames to tilt.

As you can see below, the bottom right picture frame is the most uncooperative and it was driving me bonkers (no coincidence that it's a picture of my rowdy 5-year old🤣) .

how to keep picture frames straight

So I turned to this ol' trusty tip I read about years ago. You want to know what the secret weapon is to conquering crooked picture frames? It's cabinet bumpers!

cabinet bumpers for keeping frames from slipping on wall
They're super cheap, they come in large packs (which is great for gallery walls!), and I love that you can grab them in a clear color so that they aren't really noticeable from the side of your frames.

You only need to use 2 per frame. I like to put mine on the bottom two corners.

cabinet bumpers for keeping picture frames straight

See! So straight an orthodontist would be proud!

how to keep frames from slipping on wall

Hope you enjoyed this easy home decor tip! If you're looking for ideas on how to avoid a swiss cheese wall when putting together a gallery wall, check out my trick here on how I visually create a wall of frames BEFORE I ever bring out the hammer and nails!

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