Blue Cabinet Paint Colors:Our Kitchen Makeover

This year my major decor-related project will be our kitchen. This part of our home is just blah (that's why you've never seen it!) I'll get into more specific details in a future post (and actually share pics of it. YIKES!), but in summary, the previous owners did dark cabinets with black granite, and the room depresses the heck out of me. So that leads me to one of our home goals for the year; to have the cabinets painted. Along with newly-painted cabinets, I also have a few other DIY kitchen projects up my sleeve, but today I wanted to talk paint colors!
blue paint colors for kitchen or bathroom cabinets

I'm up to my eyeballs in samples right now! Currently I have plans to go white (most likely Benjamin Moore's White Dove) on the cabinets and blue on our kitchen island. The black granite countertops will be staying. Again, I'll talk more specifics in a later post.

Below are some examples of what I am envisioning for our cabinet makeover. Let me tell you in a world where all-white kitchens seem to reign, I get really excited when I actually find kitchens with color and dark countertops!

blue kitchen island with white cabinets

blue painted cabinets and black counter kitchen

blue painted island with black granite

This one looks a tad bit more gray but there's definitely some blue undertones.

White Cabinets with Blue Grey Island and Black Counters

Here are a few more kitchens that really caught my eye. These helped give me a confidence boost in that blue can compliment dark counters!

blue kitchen cabinets

two-tone blue and white kitchen

Blue kitchen cabinets with black granite

blue cabinets with black counters in farmhouse kitchen

Now for the hard part; picking the right blue for the kitchen island. You guys know how I hate making decisions. To make things complicated I can't decide what shade of blue I want to go with; blue-gray, navy blue, cornflower blue, denim blue, blue-green. AWWWW! It is indeed overwhelming but I decided last week that I just needed to head to the paint store to get some samples to help start narrowing down my choices. 

Below is a summary of the paint colors I sampled, my thoughts on each one, and pictures of them used in real life. I figured some of you may also be on the hunt for new blue colors for upcoming projects; so I hope this helps. Remember no paint color will ever behave the same way in every house. What may not work in my kitchen, may look absolutely stunning in yours!

Benjamin Moore Providence Blue
This kitchen below has always been one of my favorites and belongs to Sarah of Life on Virginia Street. Her island is painted Providence Blue by Benjamin Moore. The funny thing is my sample initially leaned more teal, and although it was a beautiful color, I had ruled it out pretty quickly. Fast forward to later in the day when I finally walked the sample into my kitchen lighting (I had been painting in our foyer) and it suddenly became one of my top runners! I will point out that our kitchen doesn't appear to receieve as much natural light as Sarah's kitchen, so the color does look a tad brighter in her space than mine. 

benjamin moore providence blue

Providence Blue was also used on this pretty mudroom Ikea hack by House By Hoff. Note how the color is slightly different in the kitchen above versus the mudroom, because one space is flooded with natural light while the other isn't. This is why it's ALWAYS important to test samples in YOUR own home and not to just go by the color you see on your screen.

Providence Blue painted mudroom
Benjamin Moore Eclipse 
My least favorite paint sample was of Benjamin Moore's Eclipse. It may have worked for this gorgeous kitchen below but it looks like a boring, washed out gray in our space. All of the blue undertones seem to disappear when ever I walk it into our kitchen lighting. In addition, personally, this is a color that I think works best with white counters versus darker colored ones.

Benjamin Moore Eclipse Cabinets

Sherwin Williams Distance
I had high hopes for Sherwin Williams Distance after coming across this gorgeous bathroom. It's a nice color with touches of gray and indigo. Unfortunately, it read very purple in our kitchen. Definitely not the look I was going for! As you can see in this bathroom though, it looks fabulous in spaces with a lot of white.

Sherwin Williams Distance Cabinets

Sherwin Williams Grays Harbor
I could easily get lost in Studio McGee's Instagram feed for hours; they're probably one of my favorite designers EVER. So this kitchen project they worked on intially caught my eye because of the dark counters around the perimeter (like I've mentioned, it's a fresh of breath air when I see colors other than white paired with black countertops!) This kitchen was painted Sherwin Williams Grays Harbor and the sample of it in our kitchen didn't disappont. It's moody and gorgeous!

Sherwin Williams Grays Harbor Painted Cabinets

Here's Grays Harbor on a built-in desk.  In the space below, it reads more blue to me. It's a fun color that cast a unique tone depending on the lighting and space you use it in.

furniture painted in Gray's Harbor

Benjamin Moore Van Deusen Blue 
I was really rooting for Benjamin Moore Van Deusen to be the one, but this was another one that leaned purple in our space. I also think it's a color that would compliment lighter countertops better than dark ones.

Van Deusen Blue Kitchen Island

Here's another kitchen with cabinets painted in Van Deusen. Looks great with the dark hardware!

cabinets painted in van deusen

Benjamin Moore Van Cortland Blue
I can't tell you how many times I have swooned over this kitchen designed by Becki Owens (you've got to check out the before pictures here!) Kitchen cabinets are painted Van Cortland Blue by Benjamin Moore. I was actually surprised by how light this color was in person, almost like pale grey with a sky blue shade to it. It's a serene and pretty color, however, it didn't bring much life to the kitchen when I paired it next to our black granite. I'm keeping it in mind for perhaps a powder room vanity color though!

Van Cortland Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Benjamin Moore Knoxville Gray
Knoxville Gray from Benjamin Moore is a gorgeous color! I love it, I know it would pair nicely with darker countertops (see second kitchen below), the only hesitation I have is that I think it leans a tad bit more green than I was wanting to go. However, if you're looking for a moody blue-gray with hints of green, I highly recommend this color!

knoxville gray cabinets

Knoxville Gray Kitchen

Benjamin Moore Evening Dove
Another favorite interior design team of mine is House of Jade Interiors. I love, love, love this blue kitchen they designed for a new build last year. Cabinets are painted Benjamin Moore Evening Dove. In person, this color is a lot darker. Not quite a navy blue, but I would best describe it as a midnight blue. Unfortunately, it didn't contrast much against our dark countertops; so to the "no" pile it went.

Benjamin Moore Evening Dove Cabinets

Sherwin Williams Smoky Blue
My last sample was Sherwin William's Smoky Blue. I picked up this color on a whim while I was at our paint store getting other samples. Admittedly, I originally grabbed it because of the name. I love a good smoky blue color and let me tell you it's giving some of my other favorites (Providence Blue and Grays Harbor) a run for their money! It looks great against the black granite. With out sharing my thoughts, I had my mom look over the samples and even she narrowed it down to Smoky Blue and Providence!

So that's a summary of where I am with color-lots of decisions to be made still! I'm hoping to narrow down the blue paint color soon. Stay tuned and I look forward to sharing our kitchen progress along the way.

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