How to Make the Most of Your Chair Rail

Chair or out? That was a question a reader posed to me awhile back and I honestly think there are so many benefits to this mid-wall molding. Historically, the chair rail was used as a way to protect walls from being damaged when dining room chairs were pulled away from the table (SMART!) Then there's the Shakers, who used chair rails with pegs to hang up chairs for easy sweeping (EVEN SMARTER!) Nowadays, I think it's safe to assume that most chair rail is used for purely decorative purposes.

Not only does the railing add visual interest but it could help break up large, overhwhelming sized walls. In addition, I'm a huge fan of old-house charm, so I personally like the classic touch it can bring to a space. There's a variety of ways to make the most of your chair rail, it really all depends on your own personal taste and style of home.

Two-Color Rooms with Chair Rail

Chair rails with two-colored rooms; one shade on the top and a different shade on the bottom seem to be the most popular. This technique works really well in older homes, because most of the time these aged homes are already sporting fancy-schmancy architectural details (think crown molding and ceiling medallions) and this is a fab way to highlight those features. Of course, modern builds can pull off the two-colored look as well.

Two-Colored Dining Room with Chair Rail
Source: House of Quiana

vintage mirror gallery wall
Source: Blesser House

Rustic Boys Teen Room with Chair Rail
Source: City Farmhouse

chair rail girls room
Source: Decor Pad

Of course, if you're not looking to go the classic route, then I recommend sticking to just one wall color in your space. As you can see, the railing still adds visual interest to both dark and lightly colored painted rooms.

One Color and White Chair Rail Combo

nursery chair rail
Source: Style Me Pretty

moody dark walls with chair rail

Source: Leann Ford Interiors

One Seamless Color Palette

A more modern twist on the chair railing would be to paint it the same color as the room. As seen in the space below,  you can still maintain visual interest by adding an unexpected element to the space.

painting chair rail same color as wall

Source: Design Mom

Wall Paper and Chair Rail Combo

Then there's my favorite; the chair rail and wall paper combo. This is the technique that was mostly used historically back in the day. Luckily, we have peel-and-stick wallpaper nowadays, so need to commit yourself to an insane asylum trying to remove it.

wall paper chair rail bedroom
Source: Decor Pad

I've always been in love with this grasscloth wallpaper/chair rail combination from Thrifty Decor Chic.

grasscloth wall paper with chair rail bedroom
Source: Thrifty Decor Chic

wall paper and chair rail in dining room
Source: Houzz

If you really want to spice things up, place the wall paper below the chair rail instead of on top. This is especially fun for kid's spaces.

girls boho room with wallpaper
Source: Up to Date Interiors

Dark Wood Chair Rail

If you're working with dark or light wood chair rail, then in most cases it's best to go with two colors, but remember it's your home, do what you love! Typically the darker colored is suggested to go on the bottom and the lighter shade on top. If it's switched it may make the room looked weighed down.  This space below has an added feature by using chalkboard paint below the railing. This works for a farmhouse style home or even a kid's space.

chair rail with dark chalkboard paint
Source: Next Luxury

Here's a room where the darker colored paint is above the chair rail. This usually can be pulled off in homes with tall ceilings.

Dark Wood Chair Rail Two_Color Paint Dining Room
Source:Magnolia Country Canvas

This combination of plaid wall paper, marble walls, and dark railing really caught my eye.
It's got a nice masculine touch!

plaid wall paper and dark wood chair rail
Source: BHG Home

 This space below is fun and ecletic with it's dark railing and floor to ceiling wall paper.

Dark Wood Chair Rail and Wall paper
Photo by - Discover entryway design inspiration

Of course, there's always the option to build off of your chair rail by adding other wall treatments and moldings. This space below with the painted pink bead board and dark chair rail is a fun and fresh! Wouldn't this be sweet for a girl's bathroom?

dark chair rail and bead board
Source:PMQ for Two

All in all, don't be afraid to embrace your chair rail! Aside from the visual interest and character this molding can bring to your home, it also encourages you to experiment with your decor. So whether your working with existing chair rail or wanting to add it to your home, have fun with it!

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