Simple Spring Wreath

Last week I talked about my need to clean and organize as a creative outlet during these uncertain times. Being of creative mind is therapeutic for many of us and that's probably why I found myself craving some DIY projects this week.  I wanted to share the SUPER simple spring wreath I made with you all. If you're looking for a little crafty escape yourself, you may feel inspired to make one too! It took me less than ten minutes to put together and required very few materials (which can all be purchased online).

simple spring wreath

I didn't take any step-by-step pictures of the process because I was busy working on my VERY FIRST VIDEO TUTORIAL!! That's right, adding videos has been on my to-do list for FOREVER but I never had the time to figure it out. So what better time than now, right? Now....go easy on me! I am no pro, I have no special studio equipment and this took me all weekend to figure this out (which will make you laught when you see it's only 30 seconds long!)  But it's a nice and quick snapshot of how to make this simple spring wreath!

The best part is there's a few ways to acquire the supplies online if you don't already have them on hand. I've shared the sources below.

Michaels (They're doing buy online, curbside pick-up)
Eucalytpus Stems-->
Flower Stems (similar to mine, you’re going to need a handful of these)-->
Floral Wire-->

Grapevine Wreath-->
Eucalyptus Branches-->
Flocking Lavender Bouquet (similar to mine)-->
Floral Wire-->
Stay healthy, friends!

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