Space Saving Home Office Solutions All Under $200

Now that a lot of you are working remotely from home, I've been getting a few requests for at-home office solutions. I know from my husband's own experience, setting up a good workspace helped make a world of a difference for him (first week of isolation he attempted working from bed! 🤣) Fortunately, nowadays, thanks to technology you really don't need much to have a "well-equipped" office. Heck, my husband dragged up one of my curb-side table finds from the garage that I intended on making over eons ago (look who LOVES my thrifty finds now!), added a comfy office chair, his laptop , and called it a day.

space saving home office solutions cheap

So with that being said, today I wanted to focus on a round-up of some space saving home office solutions. Whether you're an apartment dweller or trying to work from the corner of a living room, here's a few ways on how you can get your remote office in order on a budget. Yep, that's right! The cherry on top is these are all under $200 and can work for homeschooling as well!

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I've included quite a few ladder shelf style desks in this round-up because I love how it's a versatile piece that doesn't scream "WORK SPACE" in the middle of your living room (or where ever you choose to conduct your business meetings half-dressed 😉).

leaning ladder shelf desk
Source: Leaning Desk

metal and wood ladder desk

I thought this floating shelf desk was nice and sleek looking! Although, I agree with my friend, if you have kids I'd be weary that they would rip it off the wall He-man style.  Haha! But if you have older kids or plan on setting this up in a location your young offspring doesn't frequent, then it's an inexpensive, pretty option!
wall mounted wood desk
Source: Wall Mounted Wood Desk

Corner desks are a great way to use those overlooked spaces in your home.

small corner desk
Source: White Corner Desk

This simple desk style with hair pin legs doesn't make you spare a lot of room. I love the rustic, industrial look of it and it can also be used later down the road as a console table if you're remote work status is temporary.

desk with hair pin legs
Source: Small Desk with Hair Pin Legs

Some more ladder bookshelf desk options.

wall bookcase desk
Source: Wall Bookcase Desk

ladder desk
Source: Ladder Desk

This floating shelf desk comes with some handy storage space without taking up too much real estate in your house.

wall shelf desk
Source: Wall Shelf Desk

A desk on wheel makes it nice and convenient if you need to move your home office into a closet or other space to clear up room when not in use.

desk on wheels
Source: Desk on Wheels

I can't think of anything more space saving than a mountable wall desk and cabinet!

floating desk
Source: Floating Desk

I hope no matter what your home office situation is that you and your family are staying healthy during these crazy times! Isolation has actually motivated us to do a budget-friendly powder room makeover that was MUCH NEEDED years ago. Can't wait to share the transformation with you all soon!

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