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Hi there! ’m Jennifer. Thanks for visiting Delightfully Noted, my little corner of the world where I chronicle all of my DIY projects and other delightful shenanigans. I'm a sucker for a good laugh, a well-detailed party, home decor, and wine. Lots and lots of wine. My current obsession (other than wine) involves transforming our new-to-us-boring-cookie-cutter suburban home into a space that better reflects our style and personalities. So far we’ve completed the nursery and the playroom.

Speaking of kid's spaces, I’m also the mother and keeper of a lovable and spunky little boy. In other words, I haven't slept in two years.

My hubby and I actually met at the tender age of five on a muddy soccer field in the middle of the Chicago Metropolitan area of northwest Indiana.
Twenty three years later we got married .
Thank goodness, because I'm not allowed to be left alone with power tools!

We're currently living it up in the suburbs of Chicago (if by "living it up" you mean we spend our Saturday nights hanging out at Home Depot).

We're also the parents of two crazy doxies. 

In need of a new creative outlet, I opened up my little modern and charming stationery shop, Delightfully Noted in 2010 (which I hope to reopen sometime in the near future!) Shortly after the Delightfully Noted blog was born and here we are today.......

My blog is a collection of DIY projects, decorating tips, crafting tutorials, and other delightful ramblings. Did I also mention that I like a good laugh? Seriously, I find it much cheaper than a therapist. I hope you'll stick around. Please.

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Katie said...

I'm not sure how I haven't read this before but what a cute story - 5 years old? that is awesome. and beautiful wedding pic.

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