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February 12, 2023

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Wow! Lots of fun and pretty ways to dress up a tray for spring!

Remember last week I professed my love for using trays to display seasonal decor?

Well, get ready to be inspired because today I'm super excited to share 13 ways to decorate a tray for spring!

A few weeks ago myself along with 12 other creatively talented ladies participated in a little decor tour on Instagram in which we all shared our own version of "Spring on a Tray". It was kind of like a virtual "Parade of Trays", except you can totally stay in your stained, overstretched yoga pants and view it from the comforts of your own home. Totally my kind of parade. I loved seeing all the different interpretations of this theme and variety of trays and I know you will too. Whether you prefer neutrals or color, rustic style or modern, there's something for everyone.
Happy tray hoppin'!

(Other than putting a glue gun to your head, I can not encourage you enough to click on the name of each lady. I've linked all of them to their Instagram accounts and I pinky swear you'll be so inspired by all of their beautiful homes and feeds).
Get ready to drool because Stephanie of Casa Watkins shared a stunning tray vignette that's sure to make you weak in the knees. Drooling while collapsing to the floor is really not looking good on you, my friend, BUT I don't blame you because Stephanie's collection of flowers and blue and white chinese-inspired porcelain is pretty swoon-worthy if you ask me!

Spring tray decor ideas

This tray is brought to you by yours truly and you can read all about it here.

Rustic Farmhouse Tiered Tray

I love how Pamela of Home on Fern Hill enhanced her tablescape by turning a group of kitchen items like dishes, silverware, and cloth napkins into a stunning pulled-together vignette. Let's not forget to mention that breathtaking floral arrangement and the fact that Pamela has convinced me that I need to eat more fruit.

Table Spring Decor Idea

Not only do I love Iris's (irisnacole) flawlessly styled tray but I love how she incorporated a framed picture of her son. It's a "make you smile" type of vignette and who doesn't love to smile, right? I suppose that guy that runs North Korea doesn't do a lot of smiling but then again he's never seen a tray decorated by Iris, has he?

Pretty ways to dress up a tray for spring!

Watch out Molly Ringwald, someone new has been crowned "Pretty in Pink" ! This beautifully curated tray from Cindy of socalpvhome deserves all the heart eyes.
Roses, candles, and a mirrored tray make for one romantically chic tray display.

Wow! Lots of fun and pretty ways to dress up a tray for spring!

What a visual treat this plant and flower adorned tray is! Holly of Rustic Peonies really knows how to showcase her greenery. Spring offers new signs of life and curating a tray that reflects that in your home is a great way to feel naturally caffeinated.

Tray Decoration Ideas

Ellen of Ellen Bliss Home was the brainchild behind the whole "Spring on a Tray" series and as you can see her tray decor is just as delightful as her ideas! Tulips are always a win-win in my book. They just seem to have a way of inviting the excitement of the new season into your home and Ellen picked the perfect collection of items to showcase them.

Wow! Lots of fun and pretty ways to dress up a tray for spring!

This vibrant and lively spring display is courtesy of Karan of Designs by Karan. I adore how Karan integrated her cute little birds and candlestick holders among her gorgeous bouquet. This tray is proof that just a little cheerful decor could go a long way!

Wow! Lots of fun and pretty ways to dress up a tray for spring!

Jen of My Purposeful Place's wooden tray will make the inner child in you want to do somersaults.
It just screams "spring", right?! I can just feel the warmth of the sun in this picture and I enjoy her mixture of lanterns and candles.

Wow! Lots of fun and pretty ways to dress up a tray for spring!

I'm a smitten kitten for this metal tiered tray from Jess of House on 77th. It's no secret I'm a fan of the farmhouse decor and I just love the simplicity of this! It compliments her gorgeous hutch and how about those wooden beads Jess incorporated? Lovely with a capital "L"!

Wow! Lots of fun and pretty ways to dress up a tray for spring!

Another yummy farmhouse tray idea from Sheana of Small Town Girl Life.
How cute is this twin tin (say that ten times fast) pot? It's rustic charm makes my heart go pitter-patter. See you don't need to spend hours fluffing a tray to make a statement!

One of my favorite ways to decorate a coffee table is with a serving tray and Jodie of Jodie's Design Life's executed how to do this perfectly. A little of this, a little of that, and she got herself one good looking centerpiece! The addition of seashells is always a fun way to welcome in the warmer season. Bonus points for not blocking my view of the TV, Jodie!

Decor Ideas For Coffee Table

There's something about the pairing of greenery and wooden tones that's just meant to be.
Julie of Julie's Heart and Home is the talented lady behind this beautifully styled tray and I can't help but to think how welcoming and comforting this tray makes me feel. Almost like I should just invite myself over to Julie's home now! I super duper love her little "God Bless This Home" board (and God bless that home if I really do show up!) Don't panic, Julie, I'm too lazy to move right now.

Rustic Farmhouse Style Tray On Kitchen Counter

Wowzer! So many ways to welcome in spring.

I hope you feel inspired and rejuvenated now!
As always, thanks for stopping by!

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