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5 Things You Need to Know About Buying Furniture Online

September 19, 2023

4 mins read

Some people may think that there’s no need for online shopping anymore since the pandemic has long settled down, but there are many who still want online shopping to stick around for the convenience that comes with it.

We are all familiar with purchasing clothes, electronics, or food online, but buying furniture online is entirely a new thing. Because there are a lot of uncertainties associated with it. This is why you are here. In this article, we’ll list five things you need to keep in mind when you are shopping online for new furniture for your home.

One thing you need to ensure first is having an internet connection that provides a reliable connection. On that account, Xfinity offers super-fast internet speed with smooth connectivity at affordable rates and 24/7 customer service at Xfinity phone number. This will ensure that your online furniture shopping goes smoothly.

5 Things to Know When Shopping Furniture Online

Here are the things you need to keep in mind to go online shopping for furniture without having any regrets:

Is the Online Store Legit?

When you come across an online furniture website, how do you know you can trust it? This is where you need to do a little research from your end so that you do not end up buying from some shady business. You can try these tips:

  • Check for the padlock on the website address; this ensures that the connection between your browser and the website is encrypted. Never share your personal or credit card information with a website that doesn’t have a padlock.
  • Navigate through the website and look for any grammatical or spelling errors. Many websites that turn out to be spam are based in other countries, though they pose as US websites.  
  • Check the contact information on the website. If no phone number is listed, and just the email or contact form, then you should definitely be skeptical about it.
  • Check if they have any social media presence. If yes, are they active? Do they post regularly? Read users’ comments as well.

Have You Checked Product Reviews?

Once you have narrowed down the website you want to buy the furniture from online, it’s time to check whether the item you are looking for is a winner.

You can do so by checking out product reviews or past buyers. Along with the number of stars these items have been rated with, read the reviews as well. It’s typically the bad reviews (rated 1-3 stars) are the ones you should be concerned about.

Check out the past buyers’ comments; they are mostly about an issue with the delivery person, the quality of the product, or the color of the item being different from what is shown in the picture on the website.

What is the Quality of Furniture Like?

It’s obviously impossible to check the quality of the item when you are looking at it online. But this information is provided on the website. If you are familiar with the construction material of the furniture, you need to make sure that the quality is at par.

When you are buying wood furniture, then you must know that solid furniture is the highest quality, veneers are something in the middle, and the lowest quality of wood furniture is composite or particle board furniture.

As long as you are familiar with the basics of furniture, you can ensure that the one you find online meets the same requirements. Also, you don’t need to always spend your money on quality pieces, but you must know about the quality of the furniture that caught your eye.

Have You Read the Product Information?

It’s important to focus on the product information as well.

Is the color of the furniture the one you want? Can you fit the furniture item in your room based on the measurements that have been provided? One way you can determine if the size of the furniture works in your room is to compare it with an item of the same size that you already have.

For instance, if you are looking to buy a lamp, check out the lamp that you already have. If you want to place the new lamp on the nightstand, check how the current lamp feels over there. This should give you an idea about whether the size of the new item is suitable for its new space.

What is Their Return Policy?

This is the most important thing you need to consider when you are buying furniture online.

If you decide to send the furniture back, you may be charged a shipping fee, which is sometimes so high that returning the item isn’t worth it. Some online stores offer free shipping for return items, which is why it’s important to familiarize yourself with their return policy before purchasing any furniture from the online store. 

There may also be some online stores that have a no-return policy, meaning that if you change your mind, you won’t be able to return the item at all.

Final Thoughts: Check These Three Boxes

Make sure that the furniture item you are interested in buying checks all these three boxes: you love the furniture item and it goes well in the space that you have set up for the new item in your home. The new item meets your budget requirement and is super-affordable for you. Lastly, make sure that the item you are interested in buying is from a legit online store.

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