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February 12, 2023

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Humorous birthday survival kit! Mark a milestone birthday with these 50th birthday gift ideas

Before I poke fun at all those fifty & over I wanted to thank everyone who commented on my Blogging Blues post yesterday.  As I shared with many of you, it's good to know I'm not the only one who has scattered thoughts regarding where I'm going sometimes with my blog. One thing I do know is as we get older we all need a little humor when it comes to birthdays. That's why when we were invited to one of our neighbor's surprise 50th birthday parties a few weekends ago I knew I had to throw together a survival kit for her.

After reaching out to my Facebook peeps for some help I headed off to the store & came home with an arm full of goodies  I then created a little tag listing all the things I included in her gag gift along with all the challenges she will now be facing now that she is the big 5-0!

In case your wondering, yes, I did look like a hot mess in the check out line purchasing all these items. In addition, I'm pretty sure once I turned 25 I needed like half of these items. Any one else feel like that was the age when things started going down hill? 

I had these great ambitions to throw a together a really cute survival kit with an artist organizer box and Red Cross inspired labels but unfortunately this was the day I came down with the cold flu.  It took all the energy I had just to throw these items in a regular ol' gift bag.

Humorous birthday survival kit!

Some of the other funny items that friends on the DN Facebook page came up with that I wasn't physically able to get that weekend were:
*adult diapers

*hemorrhoid creme

*old lady clothes

*fan {for hot flashes}

*bra {to keep you lifted}

*rejuvenating youth lotions

*prune juice

*bunion pads

*support hose


I can't wait to see what Google keywords this post brings in.

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