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February 9, 2023

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Full Size Render

This past weekend the hubby and I trekked out to Rockford, Illinois for the Main Street Market.

If like me, you're a lover of all things vintagey and handmade then this is like being in a arts and crafts meets flea market heaven. They have apple cider donuts too. Like I said, it's a piece of heaven.

 If you live in the Midwest I highly recommend checking it out next year.

I came home with a handful of goodies but one thing I couldn't stop thinking about was this gorgeous Fall  display that the Urban Farmgirl (who also happens to hosts this shindig) had set up in their booth/barn area.

Isn't it a beaut, Clark?

I just loved the color combo and those dishes....can I take one of each, please?
I found this display to be a great source of inspiration in setting up our own Fall entry way vignette.

I may not have a gorgeous milky white hutch but I do have Pearl and she is just the right color!

Here's how she turned out.

Pumpkins and a neutral Fall vignette with a pop of blue

Neutral Fall vignette with a pop of blue
Neutral Fall vignette
Fall vignette

Now I know you're wondering where's the orange? In all fairness, the one pumpkin is a little orange-ish, right? Well, I went back and forth on adding the traditional Fall color, but I've been on this really big neutral kick lately. Plus, I find that sometimes traditional holiday colors clash with the rest of my house and it drives the decorating OCD in me bonkers. I know, third world problems, right?

The good thing about going with neutrals, is that I was able to utilize things that I already had on hand to put this vignette together. "On hand" equals less dough spent. See, folks, it's a win-win situation.

Little orange-ish pumpkin
Traditional Fall color
Metal tiered tray

The metal tiered tray was a Goodwill find. I think I only paid something like 69 cents for it.
The blue foliage I had on hand and the letters I picked up on clearance at Michaels a few months ago. Originally, I had planned on creating some sort of sign out of them but I randomly stored them in a decorative bowl one day and found it kind of charming. I think they make a good tray filler as well!

Decorative bowl
Little Casper Pumpkins

Little B and I picked up the little Casper pumpkins on our last grocery store trip. Ladies and gents, take note, you are feasting your eyes the cleanest pumpkins in town! B meticulously scrubbed each of these pumpkins clean with a sanitizing wipe as we checked out at the store. Who knew the cleanliness of pumpkins (or "PUPkins" as he calls them) was of such a concern to a 2 year old??

I have had the grapevine wreath and burlap pumpkin for years. The addition of them helped bring some nice texture to the vignette, plus, I've always been in love with the blues and golds on the wreath's berries.

How to make Wheat Wreath

The wheat was leftover from my wreath project that I shared last week and the candle was one of the goodies I brought home from the market this past weekend.

It's from a small handcrafted biz called One Love and oh em gee does it smell yummy!

Fall candles are my favorite and the hubby and I sniffed every single one of their scents. We ultimately agreed on the Pumpkin Spice Cake but the Cinnamon Stick was pretty fabulous too.

Pumpkin Spice Cake

Tutorial for the wheat wreath can be found here.

Wheat wreath
Fall entryway

I hope you guys loved our Fall entryway! Thanks for swinging by my little blog. Your support determines whether or not I have a good or bad day so pressure.. Just kidding but I really do appreciate it and I do REALLY have a better day when you come hang out with me over on Instagram and/or Facebook. Questions, comments, a funny can leave those too in the comment section below!

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