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February 11, 2023

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christmas decor in nursery

Today I'm wrapping up my holiday home tour and I'm excited to be ending it in our baby girl's blush pink nursery! Decorating kid's spaces for Christmas is probably my favorite thing EVER. Some of you may remember our very, merry rustic Christmas playroom from last year. Sadly, I didn't get to that space this year but I did find time to spread some simple touches of Christmas in the nursery!

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I'm a firm believer that every kid's room should have a little Christmas tree in it, even if that means letting go of the inner decor control freak inside of you and allowing them to display the most pathetic red (yes, RED) Christmas tree ever in their room ( hopefully, one day Little B will let me burn it. Fingers crossed!) 

christmas decorations in the nursery

For our baby girl's nursery, I had my heart set on a white Christmas tree but I couldn't find the right size I was looking for so I just used an old, little tree we had on hand. The lights don't even work on it anymore but  I love how it looks in her gingham bucket. I'm OBSESSED with putting trees into things this year! Buckets, crates, name it and I'll put a tree in it!

 The little pink ornaments are from Hobby Lobby. I contemplated adding more but I really was aiming for simplicity in here when it came to the holiday decor (in other words, I was getting really lazy by time I got to this room). I found the pom pom stocking at Target and adorned it with some holiday embellishments.

christmas stocking on mirror

Even our little swan got decked out for the holidays. I actually think I may make her wear the pom pom garland and clip-on Magnolia flower all year round!

blush pink nursery christmas
Every room deserves a touch of Christmas! Tour this sweet holiday baby's nursery dressed up with blush pink, white, and gold seasonal decor.
kid's wall swan

I added some cute pink bells to the farmhouse ladder to the side of the crib. 

I'm sure if she could, baby B would love to ring those things like dinner bells nonstop so I'd come in all night and nurse her!

pink christmas decorations
pink christmas

And then on the opposite side of the room, I decorated her bookshelf with a mini white tree (in a basket of course!) and hung another pom pom stocking up. The Joy pillow (also seen in our holiday living room) is from TJ Maxx, which is probably my favorite place to shop for budget-friendly holiday decor. The beautifully illustrated Tasha Tudor book (along with the mini vintage wreath) was a recent purchase from one of our local holiday markets. I mean how could I pass up a pink holiday book, right?

girl's pink christmas room
girl's vintage christmas book
Christmas shelf decorating ideas
mini white christmas tree
white fur christmas stockings
girl's pink christmas decorations

I loved decorating this room for the holidays! It's simple, sweet, and everything I was hoping it would be.  You can find sources for all of the nursery decor over at the room reveal post here.

So that's a wrap, folks! Thanks for stopping by our little holiday home tour. In case you missed it, feel free to stop on by day 1 and day 2 of the Christmas tour, but hurry my house can't stay clean for much longer! Wishing you and yours a safe and delightful Christmas!

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