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Beautiful Plants to Add Structure to Your Space

October 2, 2023

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Plants can do much more than add visual interest. A clever use of greenery could reduce noise, purify the air, create zones in the home and garden, and increase privacy and intimacy. If you are overhauling your interior or exterior design, you must not overlook adding stunning plants to one or more rooms or your backyard. Here are some beautiful plants to add structure to your space.

Add Visual Height with a Cactus

A cactus is a low-maintenance, attractive plant that can harmonize with many gorgeous flowers and plant life in your backyard or home. Also, you can select from many varieties at The Cactus Outlet to suit your specific wants and needs.

For example, you could add visual height to your interior or exterior design with a euphorbia cactus that can grow up to 7 feet tall, or you can add a blue flame cactus that grows up to 6 feet tall and will even produce a blueberry-like fruit. The tall plants could improve privacy in your garden or interior or add shade to an outdoor dining space, pool, or lounge area.

However, if you are looking for a smaller cactus when playing with visual proportions, agave is a small, hardy plant that will look beautiful when mixed with other succulents or cacti.

Flank Your Fireplace with Orchids

The best interior designers use symmetry to create a stunning interior design that never fails to impress. If you have a modern or traditional fireplace in your living room, consider flanking the focal point with matching orchids. It will pull the eye towards the roaring fire, which will make the space appear cozy, fresh, and inviting day after day. If you don’t like orchids, find an alternative tall plant that complements your interior design and personality.

Emphasize a Room’s Height with an Indoor Tree

If you are fortunate enough to live in a property with tall ceilings, emphasize the vertical height with an eye-catching indoor tree. It will become an instant focal point in your interior design, as it will draw the eye toward your ceiling while adding boldness, vibrancy, and texture to your décor.

A fiddle leaf fig tree is a classic choice, as it has large, heavy leaves that command attention and will grow to an impressive height. It is an ideal pick for a stylish living room or a bright bathroom, as it will add personality to a bare wall.

Use Climbing Plants for Privacy

An exposed pergola, trellis, or arbor may encourage your neighbors to sneak a peek inside your garden when you are relaxing or chatting outdoors. Shield your home life from view by adding climbing plants to the structures, which will add privacy and romance to your exterior design. It will allow you to unwind outdoors in comfort while separating the space from the rest of your garden. It is a small addition that will make a huge difference to your mood when dining al fresco, reading a book, or chatting with loved ones in your backyard.

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