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March 23, 2023

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Your home is your sanctuary, the place where you retreat after a long day and spend time with loved ones. With the pandemic and the rise of remote work, our homes have become even more important as they serve as both our office and our living space. As a result, many people are investing time and money into making their homes more comfortable and stylish.

Luckily, the internet is awash with home blogs that offer inspiration, tips, and tricks for designing and decorating your living space. From DIY projects to budget-friendly makeovers, these blogs cover a wide range of topics to help you create your dream home.

In this listicle, we've rounded up the Best Home Blogs of 2023. Whether you're looking for fresh ideas for your living room, advice on how to organize your kitchen, or inspiration for outdoor spaces, these blogs have got you covered. So, without further ado, let's dive into our top picks for the year!

The Glass Guru – your go-to neighborhood hero for all things glass. Founded by people who know the struggles of homeownership, they're all about providing top-notch service without the sales spiel. They've got you covered from fixing foggy windows to installing custom pet doors. And get this – they're not just about replacements; they're all about saving time and money with simple repairs. With over 80 locations across North America, they're the fastest-growing crew in the biz. is an online marketplace, educating and connecting homeowners with the best method to buy or sell their homes. uses its proprietary technology and personal concierge services to analyze objective and subjective factors – including local market characteristics, customer service rankings and personal preferences – to provide users with free and unbiased recommendations for the most efficient, cost-effective route to making their move.

Known for its unwavering commitment to craftsmanship and customer satisfaction, Clarendon Homes prides itself on crafting a wide array of residences, from sleek apartments to lavish estates. Each home is meticulously designed with superior materials and modern amenities, ensuring an unparalleled living experience. At Clarendon, they're not just building houses; they're creating dream homes tailored to each homeowner's unique preferences. Join them and discover the epitome of luxury living with Clarendon Homes.

This innovative community effortlessly combines comfort and connectivity, offering residents a dynamic environment where work and social life thrive together. The architects behind these spaces ensure that everything, from bills to events, is seamlessly taken care of, allowing members to concentrate on their personal growth. This is not just a place to stay – it's a thoughtfully curated haven that redefines modern living in Europe. Welcome to a world where every detail is crafted for your happiness and well-being.

TotalSoCalHomes is your premier online hub for Southern California Real Estate. Specializing in Los Angeles, Orange County, Santa Barbara, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Ventura counties, they offer the latest home listings, neighborhood insights, and market trends. With a seasoned team of local real estate professionals, they guide you through every step, ensuring informed decisions whether you're starting your search, selling, or ready to make an offer. Trust TotalSoCalHomes for a streamlined and knowledgeable real estate experience in Southern California.

My Design Chic was founded by Beth Woodson and Kristy Woodson Harvey, a mother-daughter duo from North Carolina. Beth and Kristy have a philosophy of embracing “beauty for the sake of beauty” in the home. They believe that decorating your home in a way that you find beautiful is the first step towards a happy life—an ethos that is reflected in all of the site’s content. 

The Lone Fox YouTube channel has been extremely popular since 2018, with well over one million subscribers tuning in for DIY interior design tips and inspiration. The channel’s founder Drew Scott launched the blog as an extension of the channel, as a space to share more details (and shopping links) of the supplies used in his videos.

All Sorts Of is not the only blog that showcases Amber Lewis’ design inspirations. Amber has another popular blog called All Sorts Of, which focuses on “all aspects of design, lifestyle and entrepreneurship.” As well as offering plenty of handy tips on business, style, and other lifestyle topics, All Sorts Of is full of useful tips on interior design, from choosing paint colors to moving into a new home.

You have probably heard of the fashion and beauty magazine ELLE, but you may not know that it also has an interior design blog, ELLE decor. ELLE decor is full of articles on how to design and decorate interior spaces, how to carry out remodeling and renovations, and even tours of the homes of celebrities. If you are looking for modern, innovative designs that stand out, this blog can be an excellent source of inspiration.

Remodelista is a blog that really goes into detail on all things home decor and interior design. As well as providing examples of interiors to inspire you, Remodelista also offers deep dives into specific products, remodeling guides, and design dispatches. This blog has built a reputation as a highly curated sourcebook for the home, and it even has a sister site, Gardenista, which offers the same for outdoor design.

Couple John and Sherry Petersik have fixed up plenty of homes, designed products, and even written books and created a podcast on interior design. Their expertise in DIY and interior design has been collected in their excellent blog Young House Love, which features thousands of examples of inspiring house makeovers and ambitious renovations, including the couple’s own personal projects. 

Blogger Anika Gandhi grew up in India, where she learned various handmade crafts. Her lack of access to power tools led her to develop impressive handmade DIY skills, and she decided to use this expertise to develop a blog, Anika’s DIY Life. Anika’s DIY Life aims to “empower and inspire you with ideas, tools, and skills you need on your journey to fill your life with DIY”, and there are plenty of useful articles on how to carry out home decor DIY projects with minimal resources.

Better Homes and Gardens magazine, which is based in Iowa, is a staple of the interior design community. The magazine’s blog is every bit as informative and well-researched, with articles written by interior design and homemaking experts. On the site, you can find practical tips on effective cleaning, organizing and storage, and other home and lifestyle topics. Each article includes step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow, and the examples provided are sure to inspire your own projects.

Anita Yokota’s blog, named after herself, is unique among interior design blogs. Before becoming an interior designer, Anita was a family and marriage therapist, and she uses her experience in this field to inform her designs, with a focus on how projects can increase wellbeing in the home. The philosophy behind the site is to “use the psychology of intention to design functional homes where we can deeply connect.” This ambition is fulfilled with Anita’s impressive knowledge of interior design, and articles full of practical DIY and design tips.

The Handmade Home is a masterpiece made by Jamin and Ashley Mills. They share the home renovations projects of themselves and their clients, free printable, and projects with lots of inspiration, humor, and originality. They also include children's activities you can find helpful.

KIKI Interiors is a home and lifestyle blog founded by Kristi Blok in 2009. It is a space that embraces farmhouse feels, industrial elements, playing with natural textures and mixing neutral tones. Get inspired to make your home a place you can enjoy to the fullest. Simple yet creative design and decor ideas for your home no matter your budget. Learn how to mix decor styles, price points and create your own personal look for your home. Great style doesn’t come with a price tag!

Eighty MPH Mom is a lifestyle blog covering home and garden, food, travel, family life, and more. The author of the blog is a mother of two living in Oregon who shares her personal experiences and perspectives on a wide range of topics. Through her writing, she aims to connect with readers and provide inspiration and insight into various aspects of daily life. Whether you're looking for tips on home improvement, delicious recipes to try, or travel ideas for your next family vacation, Eighty MPH Mom is a great resource for anyone interested in living a well-rounded, fulfilling lifestyle.

The CE Shop's "Agent Essentials" blog offers valuable insights for real estate professionals. Covering a range of topics from the hottest real estate markets of 2022 to the intricacies of direct mail marketing, the blog provides actionable advice for agents looking to grow their business. Articles delve into essential tools like understanding net operating income (NOI) and the roles of mortgage loan officers. Additionally, practical tips on improving property value and crafting standout resumes are shared. This blog is a must-visit for agents seeking comprehensive knowledge and strategies to excel in the real estate industry.



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In conclusion, these Best Home Blogs of 2023 offer a wealth of knowledge, inspiration, and ideas for anyone looking to improve their living space. Whether you're a seasoned interior design enthusiast or a novice DIY-er, these blogs provide valuable insights that can help you transform your home.

However, we understand that there are many more excellent home blogs out there that we may have missed. If you have a favorite home blog that you think deserves a spot on this list, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We would be happy to consider adding it to our list and sharing it with our readers.

To contact us and suggest a blog, please send an email to We look forward to hearing from you and discovering more amazing home blogs to share with our audience. Thank you for reading and happy home decorating!

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