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January 26, 2023

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DIY & Home Decor

Well, it's only the most wonderful time of the year! It's time for me to share my most popular home and DIY posts of 2016. First off, I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday weekend. I spent half of mine fighting the stomach flu. Major bummer, I know BUT I'm on the mend and couldn't be happier about that. 

Anyways, I'm always filled with mixed emotions the week after Christmas; sad that it's over but excited and slightly nervous to see what a new year will bring. I mean what if 2017 has even more annoying Snapchat filters in store for us? Or caged crinolines come back in style? These are serious concerns, right? I always find reflecting back on the good things from the past year is a great way to overcome the anxiety, therefore, let's get onto 2016's top visited posts here on Delightfully Noted!

1. Best 4 Daily Deal Sites for Farmhouse Decor

Shop like Jo Jo on the low, low! This was one of my favorite posts to put together because A) it involved the topic of shopping and B) it involved farmhouse style decor; two of my favorite subjects! I promise you'll enjoy perusing all 4 of these daily deal sites.

where to buy farmhouse decor

2. How to Remove Musty Smell from Old Furniture

Who knew so many of us had stanky problem?! See how I finally conquered the old, musty smell in our vintage hutch and how this may help your with your odor problems too (well, not you personally but your furniture. I'm not in the business of blogging about deodorant...yet, sorry).

how to remove musty smell from antique furniture

3. My Joyful Holiday Home Tour

Proving people love to snoop ( and I don't blame you!), I was happy to see my Christmas home I shared a few weeks ago made the top ten list because that's the last time my house will ever be that clean.

dining room Christmas ideas

4. Fall Home Tour

And the last time my house was clean before Christmas was in early fall for the Finally Fall Blogger's Home tour.

fall entryway

5. How to Build a Board and Batten Coat Rack Wall

The project that changed my life! If your goal is to live a more functional and sane life in 2017 then you'll want to check out board and batten tutorial. 

DIY board and batten hallway

6. Old Vintage Door for Laundry Room

Speaking of that hallway, I see that people love our new-to-us-vintage door as much as we do. Too bad we gave up on fitting this door into the frame months ago and it will remain on our to-do lists for 2017! At least it's purrrty to look at!

old door for laundry room door

7. Office/Craft Room Reveal

Participating in the One Room Challenge I imagine is no different than running a marathon; it both sucks and feels rewarding! The office/craft room project was great because I FINALLY was able to eliminate myself from being the potential star of a "Hoarders" documentary. Believe it or not, this room has BIG changes coming to it in 2017! I'm sad to see it go, but it's got an exciting future ahead. Stay tuned!

farmhouse style office and craft room

Other posts that made it into the top ten:

8. Budget-Friendly Dinosaur Party

9. Christmas Farmhouse on Amazon

10. 16 Fall Pillows for Under $20

I wanted to add the Mystery Challenge also ranked in the top ten thanks to the participants and their awesome friends and family who stop by the blog to check it out! It makes my heart so happy that people love that annual series and I hope to continue it in 2017!

As always,thanks so much to all of Delightfully Noted friends, new and old, for supporting this ol' blog and following along on all my home and DIY shenanigans. Whether through Instagram, Facebook, or via subscribing to my blog, I am truly fortunate to have more than just my mom hanging out with me here. I hope every once in awhile you drop by and find some inspiration to pick up a paint brush or to tackle that room makeover you've been putting off for a few months! Cheers to a more delightful home for you and yours in 2017!

PS. I'll be sharing this over on Thirfty Decor Chics where other bloggers have linked up their best of the best!

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