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January 30, 2023

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DIY Board and Batten Hallway Coat Rack. Imagine this pretty (and functional) wall greeting you every time you walked into your home!

Hey, friends! Good grief! It's only Tuesday and I am already feeling all out of sorts this week. Speaking of disorganized, some of you may recall that I recently shared plans that involved tackling our kitchen island clutter by creating an organized and functional entryway drop zone. Well, we've made some MAJOR progress! Say hello to my brand spanking new board and batten hallway coat rack!

DIY Board and Batten Hallway Coat Rack.

Let me tell you happiness is a row of hooks. I kid you not!

I can't help but to smile every time I walk into our home and I see this pretty (and now functional!) wall staring back at me. You can bet I whip and nae nae down my new hallway.

Here's the view from the playroom.

Board and Batten Hall

The real magic in "decrapifying" our day to day reminders, our out of control mail, and paper clutter will be happening on the opposite side of the board and batten wall. This side is still a work in progress but as you can see we're now owners of a cute weekly chalkboard calendar. I have a few wire baskets that I'll be hanging on the wall too for mail and coupons.

Entryway Dropzone

I seriously find myself walking down this hallway a lot more these days!
I'm just so happy with how it turned out.

So this is one of a dozen projects I've been working on and the very reason I can barely keep my head on straight! There will be more "before" and "after" pics in the upcoming weeks (there's a quick glimpse of the boring "before" hallway here ) I'll also be sharing the tutorial for the DIY board and batten wall soon. Seriously, the hardest thing about this project was dealing with the grouchy Home Depot man when I was gathering our supplies!  Stay tuned......

Questions? Concerns? Want to share what your nifty, mail organization system is? Please share! Leave a comment below or come hang out with me over on Instagram and Facebook.

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