I'm quite certain the majority of us can at the drop of a hat identify the number one thing on our list of pet peeves when it comes to our family and home related habits.  Leaving clothes on the floor, not replacing the toilet paper, dirty dishes in the sink; there's something that drives us all bonkers. My biggest complaint? Our drop zone, i.e. the landing spot for all of the miscellaneous crap we're carrying when we come into our home. Jackets, junk mail, car keys, cell phones, lunch totes, what ever random thing Little B insisted on tagging along with us on that day....you know where it all goes? To our kitchen island.

Sadly, this picture only shows half of the island.The other side is just as bad, plus, throw in a couple bar stools slash coat racks and now you get why I'm a little insane, right? In a mess like this it's easy to lose track of bills and other important documents, never mind the fact that you can never use your island for it's original purpose like meal prepping and eating! 

I know this was a problem that needed to be addressed like yesterday. 
Good news is I am finally tackling this beast.

This is the space I'm working on; our garage entry way.
This little hallway, friends, will be the answer to all of my organized, less chaotic, drop zone dreams!

Creating an Entryway Drop Zone

So much potential here! We use this garage door as our main entrance into the house, so it's the perfect place for a drop zone.A few months ago we had most of our main level, including this hallway, painted in one of my favorite "greige" colors ever, Benjamin Moore's Revere Pewter. So as you can see the freshly painted walls were just begging for some attention.

Drop zone makeover

Before I got started on this drop zone makeover,
I needed to identify the main things that REALLY needed a home (coats, purse, mail, coupons) and then creatively come up with a solution that would fit within this space. This hallway is too narrow for any kind of furniture so I knew our only option was to utilize the wall space.
I've always been a fan of the board and batten look and remembered this project from DIY Mommy that I pinned awhile back. It's a wonderful way to keep things organized without taking up a lot of space, right?

Soooooo....that is what we have been working on; a board and batten coat rack.
I'll be sharing a tutorial when it's all said and done, but in the mean time here's our progress so far.

Entryway Drop Zone in a Hallway

The door between the board and batten is to our laundry room.
We plan on adding wall hooks to the right of that door.
It's going to be so nice to be able to take one step into our home and BAM hang things right then and there.
As for the opposite side of the wall, don't worry, I've got some fun plans for that side too.
That's where all the mail/coupon/keys and other necessary life info will go.

How nice would it be to have a pretty and organized space for your keys, mail, and and all the other random stuff you carry through your door when you come home?! #farmhousestyle

Chalkboard Ceiling Fixture | Chicken Wire Wall Basket (sold out-similar ones can be found at Michaels and Hobby Lobby) | Schoolhouse Wall Clock | Accent Rug | Metal Wall Hooks

To say I'm obsessed with the whole farmhouse look would be an understatement. I like to add a few modern touches here and there too, which is where the rug comes into place. I actually scored that exact same rug at Target on sale a few weeks ago. Chalkboards are great way to display important notes and dates. Right now I try to store everything in my head and well, that ain't working so well! The wire hanging basket will be the perfect spot to sort and organize our mail and the ridiculously amount of coupons this house receives. The numbered wall hooks will be a cute spot to hang our house/car keys and I think it's pretty obvious why a clock is important. Last but not least, someday I'd love to get rid of the boob light, ya know, perhaps, before it also tries to kill us.

I'm really excited about this space and can't wait to get back both my kitchen island and sanity.
So if you have a certain something, something in your home that is driving you up a wall I highly encourage you to take a look around your house and keep an open mind about the potential of every nook and cranny you've got!

I'll be back with a entryway drop zone update soon, but in the mean time you can always find me hanging out over on Instagram sharing sneak peeks and other random shenanigans.  I'm @delightnoted 
I hope to see you there!

 I'd love to hear what drives you batty? Please do share, so I don't feel alone and mentally unstable by myself. Mmmmkay?

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