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February 2, 2023

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The Boob Light Conspiracy

This post is sponsored by Parrot Uncle.

Remember that time I was almost killed by a Boob Light? And then I was accused of setting the whole thing up? Okay, maybe that second part didn't happen but I know what you're thinking. "Hmmm....Jennifer, it's awfully suspicious that one day you're publicly shaming the dreaded boob light and then a few days later you JUST happen to notice one of those knockers almost burned down the top level of your house". I know, I looks awfully coincidental, doesn't it? A Boob Light conspiracy. A secret plan, a trick, a ruse to get my hubby to replace those suckers sooner rather than later. Was it a set up? I admit it sounds scandalous BUT a woman never shares her secrets, right? 

Well, unless that secret involves a specialty retailer that strives on satisfying all of your home lighting needs, including the need to replace a boob light gone rogue. Then yes, in that case, I'm willing to spill the beans about that. I'm referring to Parrot Uncle, an online lighting source with one of the largest selections of home light fixtures you have ever laid your pretty little eyes on. Trust me, I know, because since day 1 of the Boob Light conspiracy, I mean situation, I have been on a quest searching high and low for some new, stylish light fixtures to replace the bad light along with her three wicked step sisters. I have found that I can get lost for quite some time on Parrot Uncle's site, checking out all of their unique and beautiful lighting.

In the mean time our hallway still looks like this.......

Boob Light

Updating your lighting is one of the simplest ways to freshen up and add style to your home and this doesn't mean that just your kitchen island or foyer should have all the fun. Let's face it, most hallways typically don't have a lot going on and stylish light fixtures are a nice way to add some oomph to the space.

Here are a handful of my favorite styles that would take your hallway from blah to ahh.

Hallway image

Country Style Flush Mount | Retro Industrial Style Flush Mount | Rusty Style Pot Covered Light | Bucket Shape Pendant Light

Depending on the height of your ceiling, I really love the idea of pendant lights in a hallway. 

Makes them look so dreamy!

These wooden pendants would make for a great statement piece!

Pendant lights in a hallway

I tend to gravitate towards vintage and farmhouse style type of lighting but the great thing about the Parrot Uncle site, is that they have something to satisfy everyone's taste. Favor the classic look of a Tiffany light? They have an array to choose from. I'm digging this aqua-colored one (of course!)

Tiffany Lamp


Personally, I fell head over heels in love with the wooden chandeliers.

Gah! I want one of these for over our farmhouse table!

Wooden Chandelier

They also have an adorable selection of children's lights. 

Seriously, some of these are super, super neat.

Like your kid will clean up after himself for 48 hours if you slipped one of these into their room. Just kidding....nothing, I mean NOTHING, will trick a kid into performing good habits for 48 lonnnng hours!

Children's lights

Aside from their unique and large collection of lights, Parrot Uncle
also offers free shipping and returns.I don't know about you but I personally do not favor buying things over a $50 threshold online with out being able to see it first in person! Free shipping and the ability to return an item will make or break whether or not I purchase an item I've been eyeing on the good ol' www.

I also find that PU's prices are pretty competitive compared to other similar retailers. You can take a gander over here to check out all of their lighting for yourself!

 Has anyone replaced any light fixtures lately?
I personally feel like updating lighting makes a world of a difference in a home!

Stay tuned for a giveaway next week!

That's right one of you will be able to win a Parrot Uncle product. Yippe, Skipee!

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**This post is sponsored by Parrot Uncle. I was compensated for my services. Opinions are all mine except for those that I subconsciously inherited from my parents.

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