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February 19, 2023

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Remember that time we had that ugly fireplace that almost drove me to the nut house?

I know, I know, I had to repress those bad memories too.

So I know what you're thinking then.

How can someone so anti-hunter green allow THIS THING any where near their house?

Let me tell ya it wasn't easy.

But like a moth to a flame I just couldn't resist purchasing this cough gem of a dresser cough.

Like Rhianna to Chris Brown, I had faith in this bad boy.

Or it could have just been that I was Craig's List drunk from searching for a dresser for the nursery EVERY SINGLE DARN DAY for the past four months.

I was determined to use a dresser in Baby B's room not only for organizing his diapers and onesies but to also serve as his changing table. I wanted something second-hand to makeover and that would extend beyond the length of an average size changing pad to allow for space for wipes and what not.

That way everything is conveniently within reach when he pees on me.

(See I already got this mother of boy thing down pat).

I was thrilled when this dresser popped up on CL last weekend mostly because I was starting to convince myself Baby B would enter this world without a dresser waiting from him.

GASP!I mean what kind of mother would I be making this boy go dresser-less?

Needless to say I have BIG dreams for this green-eye monster.

How's this for a hint?

Project Nursery Thrifty Finds

Stay tuned for the finished project!!

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