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February 1, 2023

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How to Distress Furniture

   I am as happy as a clam with my first attempt at distressing a piece of furniture.

I found this antique beauty after stalking Craig's List for like three weeks. 

Coffee table makeover

The seller made a deal with me & then went MIA.

 I wasn't messing around.  I was going to possess this table if my life depended on it.
I had the hubby contact her acting like a new buyer.  
I know so sneaky, right?  I felt all "FBI-ish" with my little secret plot.

The coffee table was in rather stellar condition besides a faint, worn out spot on top.

In attempts to lighten up our living room that we are making over I've been working on pulling more blue into the room so I already knew the fate of my newly owned Craig's List goodie.

It was going to be blue, & distressed, & doggone beautiful & even though the hubby doubted I knew what the heck I was doing it came out just as I had dreamed.

Distressed furniture

So if you've never distressed furniture before it is actually one of those techniques where you can't really go wrong. My kind of project!

First, I lightly sanded the table down {thank goodness for electric hand sanders!}.  After I finished with the sanding, I wiped the table clean with a tack cloth. Next, I painted the piece. Once dry I sanded off certain areas of the table; mostly focusing 

on the spots where natural wear & tear would occur {ie. legs, crevices, etc.}

Painting Table
Finished Table

I wanted to add a little bit more aging effect to the table so I used  some Valspar Antiquing Glaze on it.

Valspar Antiquing Glaze


Isn't she a beaut, Clark?

Wythe Blue from Valspar

The paint color is a wonderful mix of blue & green. It's called Wythe Blue from Valspar & it matches perfectly to some T.J. Maxx frames I found for the room a few weeks ago.

Unfinished bottom

Of course I had to paint the bottom. It would drive me crazy if I got down on the floor to do sit ups & saw an unfinished bottom. Haha....sit-ups. Anyone who knows me knows that's funny.

Finished table
Household objects are back to life lately

Can you tell I love her?

So have you brought any pieces of furniture or household objects back to life lately? Do you do sit ups? Cause if you do, do a few for me. Wink.

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