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February 3, 2023

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Hey friends! How's your December been so far?

I have to admit the hustle & bustle of the Christmas season has kept me busy with shop orders, the renovations have made me feeling dishelved, and the past few weeks I have been suffering

from acute-my-butt-has-no-energy syndrome.

If I was a duchess I suppose this would have made your front page news, but alas I am not.

Any who, I think I may have mustered up enough energy to share one of my most recent Christmas projects.

Meet my stud, Stephen.

This guy totally reminds me of a Stephen King made- for- TV movie that the hubz and I wasted 6 hours of our life on about a year ago.

To spare you most of the details, the summary of the movie is the main character speaks to a wall-mounted moosehead and later to a talking tree. I practically peed my pants through the whole movie & it wasn't because of fright.

Anyways, I know Stephen is no moosehead but I totally hope I never catch anyone talking to him.

This project was extremely easy.

I stumbled upon this giant, green, sequined reindeer ornament at Garden Ridge over a month ago.

Honestly, I think I saved a Christmas tree's life.

Not sure how an ornament this large wouldn't manage to cause evergreen conifer homicide.

Reindeer ornament

 I picked up a wood plaque from Hobby Lobby, spray painted it red, and then mounted the base of Stephen's neck to the plaque with ALOT of super, duper strong wood glue.

Then I went all Hannibal Lecter on his butt. I seriously wish I had a picture of this step.

I needed something to hold pressure down on the ornament until the glue dried so I took a bunch of rope and tied the deer adorned plaque

down on a work table in our garage. He look like he was being held hostage.

The funny part was the hubby had no idea I was working on this project so when he walked out to his car the next morning I am sure he was rather concerned about my mental state of mind.


I think Stephen will look nice & festive above our front door

or perhaps decorated among our new-soon-to-be mantle/fireplace.

deer adorned plaque
wall-mounted moosehead

Have you finished your holiday decorating yet?

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