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January 30, 2023

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Fabric garlands are a great way to use up all those fabric scraps you have lying around or in my case to redeem myself of a curtain project gone wrong.

For those of you who follow me on Instagram you may have seen the nursery curtains I scored last weekend at the Land of Nod outlet.

Nursery curtains

I was in love. They matched the nursery colors perfectly & they didn't cost me my first born child.

{Despite being at the Land of Nod outlet I still find their items insanely expensive at times!}

The only hang up was {no pun intended} that they weren't floor length.

Not a deal breaker but I just generally like my curtains long & that is when I came up with what I thought at the time was a genius idea; I would make them floor length by adding some matching grey & aqua material to the bottom with some Heat 'N Bond!

To make a long story short I screwed up royally on the first curtain panel . I know what you're thinking. How in the world did you manage to screw up a project that just required ironing? But trust me I did, and then afterwards I spiraled into a deep depression.

 Okay, was a semi-deep depression but luckily after racing back to Land of Nod I was able to find the last curtain panel they had in this style. Phew.

Funny thing happened.....I decided I was okay with non-floor length curtains that day.

BUT now I was left with an extra curtain panel that was only semi destroyed & I couldn't bare to throw it away. Then after a few days of brainstorming a light bulb went off & I decided it along with the extra grey & aqua material I had would make for a cute fabric garland.

Interested in making one yourself? Here's the deets.

Gather your material.


Cut and/or tear your fabric into strips. 

I made my strips approximately 2 inches wide and 28.5 inches in length.

Fabric strips

For your final step, cut a piece of rope the length that you would like your garland.

Lastly, tie all your fabric strips onto the rope.

That's all there is to it!

Fabric garland
Cute Fabric Garland

They are super simple to make and I thought my friends & family who are throwing me my shower could use it for some party décor.

 And afterwards it may look cute hanging some where in the nursery or perhaps I could use it as a skirt for casual Fridays?

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