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February 1, 2023

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DIY Family Sign

I’ve always wanted one of those established family signs.  You know the ones that note the year a couple was married or bought their first home? Well, now I have one and the funny thing is it wasn’t even in my crafting plans this weekend!  Don’t you just love how sometimes your projects evolve as you’re in the middle of them?

I’ve had this blank space on a floating shelf in our living room for what seems like forever for a variety of reasons; one, I’ve had a difficult time finding anything I like for the empty spot and two, I’ve been dying to paint this room since the day we moved in and I hate to waste moolah on home décor when I know my color scheme will be changing. Unfortunately, we can’t paint the room until we re-do the god- awful 90’s themed fireplace that sits in the middle of the room taunting me every day with its hunter green ugliness {Can you tell I have some beef with the fireplace?} So while in the middle of daydreaming about how I would take a bat to the fireplace remodel the fireplace I came up with the idea to frame some tile backsplash.

Panel of backsplash

I bought a panel of backsplash from Lowe’s and then I cut it down to size to fit within a frame I had sitting around in our basement. I hot glued my panel to a piece of white cardstock, which helped hide the netting between each tile {which is usually covered by grout}. I found some small wooden letters at Michael’s to go along with a  big “B”  I had {the initial for our last name}and spray-painted them all a dark chocolate brown. I then adhered the letters to the tile with hot glue. I found a khaki colored flower hair pin lying around in my craft stash and thought it would be cute to add that to the art work.  I think it definately softened it up a bit! I also wanted to note that I left the glass out of the frame since the letters would not fit behind it. 

Family Sign

{Yay! No more empty spot on the shelf!}

DIY Monogram

{2008 was actually both the year we got married and bought our first home!}

Tile Backsplash

{Don’t you just love how conspicuous they make vents in homes?

Proof, that we need more female homebuilders! A woman would never think of putting a vent smack dab in the middle of a wall!}

So tell me if you could change or remodel one thing

in your home right now what would it be?

Delightfully Noted Signature

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