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February 12, 2023

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Ever since that last memorable number in "Dirty Dancing", corners have had a bad rep. Haha...get it?  Awkward angles in homes are even more of a bummer. Decorating them can be a real head scratcher. That's why I'm excited that after two years of plotting, and planning, and scratching my head, we finally have a lovely and functional space in our dining room, and it's all thanks to this corner cabinet we built! That's right, it's done and it's GLORIOUS (if I do say so myself).

So before I dive into oversharing way too many pics of the finished project, let's take a look at this sad, useless corner.

Disclaimer: HUGE thanks to for providing cabinet doors for this project. For further information, please read my full disclosure policy.

Looking pretty lonely, huh? It was definitely too much of an area to leave bare but with a little wood, a little paint, and four cabinet doors, this tricky corner is now the star of the room!

Have awkward corners in your home? Fill it with a charming and functional DIY corner cabinet. Click over to see more!

Look what a difference! I'm so, so happy with how it turned out! I always felt our dining room looked unfinished with that empty area, the corner cabinet helps fill the space nicely and adds so much more character to the room.

Our goal was to try to make the cabinet look like a built-in as much as we could without ripping out the board and batten and I have to say it turned out better than I had imagined. Yay! Go team!

Dining Room Cabinet Ideas
Farmhouse Corner Cabinet

We'll be sharing a full tutorial on how we built this beauty soon, but in the mean time let me continue to swoon over it, okay? For starters, I'm super happy that we were able to have custom build the doors to the size we wanted. I specifically wanted our bottom cabinets to be nice and tall for all those awkward and/or large size kitchen gadgets that have a hard time fitting in our other cabinets. It's also nice that we can hide a human in there. Ha! According to Little B, he thinks we made it that size so he could have another hiding spot in the house. I mean, obviously.

White Farmhouse Cabinets

My collection of mason jars, almost all family hand-me-downs, brings a pop of color to the glass doors on top. One of the things I noticed right away when perusing , was that you have A LOT of options when it comes to picking the kind of door you want for your project. There are designs for everyone, no matter what your decorating style is. You can even have them prime your doors for you! You guys know how much I love me some shortcuts when it comes to our DIY projects!

Farmhouse dining room cabinet decor

I like that I have the option to keep the top glass doors open if I want to liven up the room. I'm already looking forward to decorating this corner cabinet for Christmas!

Oh! And here's a close-up of the hardware I went with for the upper cabinet doors. I had narrowed it down to two different types of knobs and was having a hard time deciding which to go with, although my gut was leaning more towards these soft blue and green floral ones. I shared them a few weeks ago in my Instagram stories asking for opinions and these seem to be the popular choice. So here they are, the Prom King and Queen of knobs!

Farmhouse Cabinet Hardware
Dining Room Cabinet Ideas DIY

I especially love that we built it with our own two hands. Okay, maybe my hands didn't do much building, but I did offer up my muscles here and there.

Fake built ins
DIY Corner Cabinet

After a few long months, this almost-forgotten corner is now one of my current favorite spots in the house. I find myself spending more time at the farmhouse table (that we also built!) and I know it's just so I can stare at our new cabinet (or maybe it's because my usual "relaxing" spot on the couch is being taken over by Legos and Lincoln logs right now!) Regardless, they say a happy home is a handmade home, and I couldn't agree more! Here's to another project checked off the to-do list! Phew.’

Stumped on how to decorate the awkward corner in your home? Add instant charm and function to the unused space with this DIY farmhouse style corner cabinet!

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