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February 2, 2023

2 mins read

DIY Bunny Tee with Free Printable Iron On Hipster Bunny #easter

Happy Tuesday, folks! Today I'm sharing a quick and cute Easter project that is SO simple that even you non-Martha Stewart gals will be joyfully jumping and clicking your heels down the aisles of your local craft store.

DIY Easter Bunny Tee with Free Printable

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I always have fun sending my little guy to daycare in holiday-inspired tees for his class parties and celebrations, but I have a really hard time finding ones in stores that I like or don't seem too corny.

I haven't had time to search for an Easter t-shirt so I decided to just create one myself.

Here's how you can easily make one too!

Materials Needed:

*T-Shirt (I picked mine up at Old Navy, here are some similar kid's baseball tees)

*Iron-On Transfer Paper ( They make different paper for light and dark materials so make sure to grab the right one depending on the color of your shirt).

*Image of your choice or download my little bunny below 

*Inkjet Printer



Hipster Bunny Printable

Here's what you'll do:

Following the directions on your iron on transfer paper, download and print the little hipster bunny I created and am sharing with you.

You're welcome. Remember me in the future if I ever need an extra organ or something.

I created three different colors to give you all more of a variety. Again, you're welcome.

Green Hipster Bunny Download

Yellow Hipster Bunny Download

Blue Hipster Bunny Download

**Important: With most iron-ons you need to remember to flip or mirror your image when printing but with this one it doesn't really matter. Mr. Hipster looks the same when you mirror him.

3 colours for free easter printables
Easter Bunny Iron-On

After you've printed your bunny, take your scissors and cut out your image.

When working with iron ons I like to trim as close as possible to the image.

DIY Kid's Easter shirt

Next up, you're going to iron on your shape following your transfer paper instructions.

Read em', this is no time to be a man! Wink, wink. You don't want to ruin a shirt!

Allow the paper to cool for a few minutes before pulling off the back of the film.

Kid's Easter Bunny Shirt

I thought it turned out SO good! Makes me want to make more!

I'm super excited about it too because it satisfies both my graphic tee and hipster animal obsessions. Yep, that's right, I've had this fixation on animals in glasses lately. And you thought your neighbor was weird.

I have a thing for animal tushes too.

Children's easter shirt
DIY easter shirt with bunny

Seriously, you guys this is so easy! Go, run, and grab your iron now.

Disclaimer: Not liable for any one who face plants while running with hot appliances.

PS. Chat with me below in the comments or come hang out with me over on Instagram and Facebook.

If you enjoyed this project you'll want to check out my Girl's Free Easter Printable!

Free Easter Printable for girl's easter basket

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