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February 7, 2023

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DIY Nursery Wall Art Vinyl

Mission "Nursery 2013" has kind of come to a standstill while we wait for the carpet to be replaced along our whole upper level of the house {which includes Baby B's room}. I'm ready to move full steam ahead with this project and let me tell you it hasn't been easy waiting idly by. I mean seriously it could be dangerous

making a pregnant woman wait for ANYTHING { food, bathroom, carpet replacement.......}

I finally decided this weekend that I had to give 

into my urge to decorate by starting off with this little wall sign for the baby's room.

Some of you may remember seeing something of its sort when I shared 

my nursery inspiration board not too long ago.


I fell madly, deeply in love with that "I Made a Wish" sign when I first discovered it on Pinterest.

The link led to an old sale over at Zulily. For those of you who aren't familiar with the "Z" it's another one of those deal a day sites that seriously have the magical powers of convincing you that YOU MUST BUY something  EVERY. SINGLE. DING. DONG. DAY.

A quick trip over to the original vendor's site showed that they apparently didn't sell this wall art anymore either. Then that little naggy DIYourselfer inside of me was like "Umm, hello! Make your own dang sign!" And so that is what I did.

I picked up a nekked wooden sign from Jo-anne's, painted it white, cut the vinyl letters with my Silhouette machine and BINGO.......Baby B's first official piece of art.


I actually had full intentions on using the vinyl just as a stencil and painting the final project grey with leftover paint from the room so the words would all be in white{similar to the original sign sold on-line} but at the last minute I decided to leave it as it is for now {mainly because I had a brief brain fart and I forgot the solid walls where I plan on hanging this are grey!} So who knows the vinyl may stay or I may go over it later with a darker shade of grey paint so that it pops more, or perhaps I'll paint it aqua or orange! I guess it all depends on the other pieces of wall art I plan on adding.

We shall see. I'm a woman full of surprises.


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