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January 29, 2023

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Hey friends! Last week I finally had time to drag out one of my all time favorite Halloween projects; the "Sleepy Hollow" Book Page Wall Art Poster. I shared this tutorial last year but thanks to a Buzz Feed feature earlier this year, this has remained one of my most visited pages for the past few months. Phew, thank goodness it wasn't that Halloween porn I shared that one time.

In honor of the spooky holiday this month, I thought I'd share how I styled it this year and remind you that you can learn how to make your own here. I pinky swear, no crazy graphic designs skills needed. I mean even a headless man riding a horse could do it! Yes, it's that simple.

I like big books and I can not lie! Learn how to turn a page from your favorite book into a large piece of wall art. How neat!

Since my little anatomy lab took over our entryway, I decided to hang my framed book page in the dining room this year. I thought it coordinated well with my new skull pillow from Michaels.

I can't tell you how many times I visited that dang store and put that little guy in my cart before finally pulling the plug and just purchasing him! So glad I did because I love that pillow.

Learn how to turn a page from your favorite book into a large piece of wall art.
Make a book page for all of the holidays

I seriously would love to make a book page for all of the holidays. I mean not for like "National Guacamole Day" or anything like that, but just think of all of the possibilities for Christmas!

*The wheels are turning, my friends*

Anyone else still decorating for Halloween? Make anything fun lately?

Stay tuned for a fun wall photo project I worked on this weekend!

You can catch a sneak peek of it on Instagram. Wink, wink.

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