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February 12, 2023

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Love the idea of using vintage book pages for a simple banner! #diy

Happy Fri-YAY! Today's project is short, simple, and to the point. Kind of like I wish this week would have been. Seriously, the weekend just could not have come fast enough! Want to know what is moving along quickly? The #create4spring hashtag challenge series I'm co-hosting over on Instagram. Tonight marks the end of week two and this week's theme was 

"Garland, Wreaths, and Banners".

You can read all about how to participate here

(pssst...there's a $25 Target gift card up for grabs!) If you're just looking to get into the mood. Ahem. For crying out loud, get your head out of the gutter, I'm referring to the "spring" mood! You can check out all of the beautiful entries and participants here. Lot's of inspiring ideas there, people! I'm talking wreaths, and banners, and garland galore. 

So what was my #create4spring contribution for this week, you may ask?

 I shared my new, simple vintage book page garland that I created.

Last week while antiquing (gosh, does that make me sound old and lame?), I came across a vendor who was selling a box full of vintage bird book prints. I'm a sucker for these things, so I swooped up a few (no pun intended) and decided to turn them into a sweet little springish banner.

Love the idea of using vintage book pages for a simple banner! #diy

This project was completed literally within minutes. I made it so fast I didn't even snap pics of the process but it's SO easy I'm not even sure it needs much of an explanation.

The first thing I did was to glue the book pages down to a piece of chipboard, which you can purchase from a local craft store or online here.


My book pages were sold as rolled up scrolls, so the chipboard helped keep the pages nice and flat on the banner, however, if you plan on packing your banner away, I highly recommend using the chipboard as well for better storage protection. 

The glue I used was my trusty Removable Restickable Glue Stick from Scotch (say that ten times fast!). I LURRRVE the crap out of this glue stick. It lives up to it's name, you really can reposition your items around shortly after they have been glued down. It basically turns paper into a post-it note, which is great for imperfect crafters like me who are almost always guaranteed to glue things down in the wrong place or not straight. Alignment for this particular project wasn't important, but I thought this goddess glue stick was worth mentioning. I have used it for years for all of my paper crafting needs!

paper crafting needs

So once all of my pages were attached to the chipboard, I then trimmed each of them out with scissors (so basically the chipboard is just serving as a backing for each page). I wanted my banner to have a little charming shape to it, so I cut a triangle out of the bottom of each page. I just eyeballed it, no template required. Then I hole punched the top corners of the pages and strung them on some jute twine. Simple, simple, simple!

Love the idea of using vintage book pages for a simple banner! #diy

Book page banners make for the perfect party or home decor! There are so many possibilities. Use a children's book banner for a nursery, a comic book for a superhero party, and botanical prints for some kitchen wall art. Really, my mind is just spinning with ideas!

Have a delightful weekend!

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