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January 26, 2023

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Wrapping paper storage closet

Rolls of wrapping paper are similar to Tupperware lids; I swear they multiply by the minute and they're both clumsy to organize. Today I wanted to share how you can create this incredibly easy wall-mounted storage area for your wrapping paper with a just a few supplies. It's not a fancy schmancy project but let me tell you it gets the job done and it has made the task of fetching gift wrap twenty times more convenient!

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When I was working on my craft room/home office, I knew I wanted to find a more efficient way to store some of my wrapping paper.  For two years, my gift wrap has been a tenant of our dark, cold, unfinished basement. It was always a pain in the butt to run down there every time I needed to wrap a gift. May seem hard to believe, but I spend a heck of a lot more time in my craft room than I do our basement. Shocker alert! I'm not a vampire.
DIY Wrapping Paper Storage

Wrapping paper storage idea

I love this wall-mounted storage system for a variety reasons, the biggest being that you can pretty much utilize any blank wall space in your home. Yes, even in the closet!

The other bonus is you can make this as small or as large as you want. This obviously is not my whole stash of wrapping paper, but I find I tend to favor a small handful of  colors and patterns at a time (as you can see I'm all about neutrals lately!) So I created my wall organizer to hold up to 5 rolls, enough to allow me to have a few choices without cluttering up my closet with my whole stash of gift wrap.

Gift wrap storage idea

I used a piece of narrow scrap wood leftover from some other project to create my side "brackets". I had the hubby cut it down to two equal pieces. Since the length of wrapping paper can vary, I measured my longest roll and used that as my guide to how far apart to space my wooden brackets, then we drilled both of them to the wall.

After my brackets were attached, I measured and marked where I wanted my rolls of paper to hang. I wanted each of them to be 3 inches apart from each other. We used a level to make sure our measurements were equal on both sides of the brackets. I didn't want any lopsided hanging rolls! Once we had all of our measurements marked, we screwed in the metal cup hooks.

Then I added my five wooden dowels. I used the 3/8 size because they fit inside my cup hooks. Make sure to keep that in mind when you're shopping for hooks and dowels!

Dowel rod idea

Let's chalk this up to being one of the simplest DIYs ever!
Finally a way to keep my wrapping paper under wraps (ha! see what I did there?)

Gift wrap closet station

I imagine this will be a game changer during the holidays. I'll be able to keep my Christmas wrapping paper and supplies nice and contained in my craft room, making gift wrapping this winter so much more delightful and less of a headache.

Wrapping paper storage closet organizer

How do you store your gift wrap? Is it nice and organized? Any simple solutions you want to share?
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