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February 11, 2023

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easter craft bunny tail treat cups

If these bunny tail treat cups don't tell ya how much of a tush gal I am then I don't know what does. Bunny tushes, baby tushes, puppy tushes.....heck, I'll even take one for the team, restraining order & all, & give Ryan Gosling a pinch to his bum just to prove to you all how much I like a good, cute tush. Yep, that's right I'd do that JUST for you.

Adorable and Easy Easter Idea for the kids! Bunny Tail Treat Cups

So last we chatted I told you I was spending some time this weekend putting together some Easter treats for my nieces & nephew. Nice transition in conversation there, ay? We go from booty talk to Easter. That's right folks we cover it ALL here on the DN.  Any who, I came across these fun & spring colored cups at Target a few weeks ago.

spring colored cups

I admit at the time of purchase I had no brillant ideas of what I was going to do with these here cups. I figured at the least I'd fill them full with jelly beans, just enough to send them kiddos into a raging sugar high. Surely, my SIL's would thank me later.

Then while I was perusing the aisles at Michael's I happen to see those styrofoam balls that you can use for miscellaneous crafts and immediatly butts came to mind.  I mean really who doesn't think of butts everytime they see those polystyrene foam spheres?

polystyrene foam spheres

I'm talking bunny butts of couse! Isn't that a cute wittle bunny bum? Go ahead. You know you wanna give it a little tush squeeze.

So the anatomical breakdown of how I created this bunny bootie {there's something you don't hear everyday} is I just simply glued on a small cotton craft ball then cut out feet & pads from some thick white foam paper and pink cardstock. I adhered the rabbit's tootsies to the styrofoam ball with some more craft tacky glue.

Bunny tail treat cups

I then placed a small treat bag of jelly beans in the bottom of each cup, then layered some green Easter grass on top of that, & lastly, the best part.....I topped them with the bunny butts.

Tushes & tails

Bottoms up! No we aren't drinking........yet.

So what do ya think of my bootays?

Tushes & get me every time.

I love these little guys. Curiousity got the best of them.

They've fallen and can't get up {will that line ever get old?}.

I think the kiddos will get a kick out of them too {or on the other hand my hubby said they would be traumatized by the decapitated bunnies when they remove the balls from the, I swear always the poopers at the party.}

I have officially used the word butt or some form of the word butt one hundred billion times in this post. That makes me a winner. Which is funny because I also happen to win the Mega Millions this past weekend as well. Oh wait, nevermind, that was just a daydream I had when I left work last Friday. Sigh, maybe someday.

Do you have any Easter crafts you've been working on lately? Styrofoam butts, perhaps?

PS. Check out how I packaged these cuties here (free printable included!)

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