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January 29, 2023

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I love this easy spring decorating idea! Proof that serving trays aren't just for tea and crumpets.

When it comes to freshening up my decor and welcoming in a new season around my home, you want to know what my recently discovered secret ingredient is? Trays. Yes, I'm referring to that container-like thing that most people think of in terms of serving drinks and food on. Psssh... serving trays aren't just for tea and crumpets, people. A matter of fact, they've become rather popular among the home decor world lately. They're perfect for organizing trinkets, showing off collections, and using to create stylish vignettes. Today I wanted to share with you my house special "Spring on a Tray".

I don't like to splurge on a lot of new decor every time the weather changes (mommy needs to save money for her wine stash) and I certainly don't want to spend hours redecorating our whole home to reflect the change in seasons every few months (actually it's more like every few days for those of us who live in the Midwest). I have found that rotating my display of odds and ends on my tiered tray is the least inexpensive and timely way to change up my decor as the year evolves.

Easy spring decorating idea!

My tiered tray was a lucky clearance find at Hobby Lobby back in the Fall and so far I've decorated it for Autumn, winter, and now spring. It's HUMONGOUS. Like almost as tall as me (which doesn't say much considering I'm only 5"2). Anytime I go to give it makeover I always like to shop my home first. Reusing items I already have is how I keep my seasonal decorating habits budget friendly. 

I love this easy spring decorating idea!

The blue Mason jars are my favorite. I recently acquired these from my MIL's basement. Can you believe she hid these from me for 12 years?! The "Home Sweet Home" sign was an item I had on hand and it fit perfectly within the tray's compartments.

Tray decor ideas

The blue succulent pots and birdhouses were my only new purchases for the spring tray.
I found them all at Michaels (purchased with a coupon, of course!). The birdhouses were only a $1.00 each and I thought they were so cute and whimsical. Nothing screams "spring" more than  birds, right? The houses were nekked wood, so I dressed them up by painting their little roofs blue. I love how they turned! Little B also loved them and they now have turned into "toys". That pretty much sums up what happens to all my new decor these days. Robin's eggs for Easter turn into dinosaur eggs, pillows turn into forts, and so on and so on. Sigh.

Tiered tray decor
Serving tray decorating ideas
Proof that serving trays aren't just for tea and crumpets.
Tiered tray decor ideas

Later after I snapped a few pics of my spring tray, I came across some purple faux flowers while decrapifying my craft room and added them to the tray display. I've really started to dig the color purple lately. Gasp! Could I possibly be recovering from AQUAholism? Only time will tell, friends!

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