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February 8, 2023

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Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

 I love seeing all the ways that people embellish craft store pumpkins. Michaels currently has a 50% off sale on their pumpkins and considering these things cost about the price of a family meal you can bet I jumped on that sale and brought home a few. 

While at the store I teeter-tottered for quite some time on what to do with them. Then as I was heading to check out I spied some orange and black doilies in the looks-like-it-can-be-a-dollar-section-but-it's-really-not. You know what part I'm talking part.

Gets me EVERY.SINGLE.TIME when I'm at Michaels. 

Sucks me right in.

Darn them and their strategic planning!

Decorating Pumpkins

Any who, back to my so-simple-you-should-sue-me pumpkin project.

I thought the doilies would look uber cute on top of the pumpkins. I just snipped a little slit in the hole in the middle of the doilies so they could be placed over the stems. I considered mod podging the doiles to the pumpkins but  I like the idea of being able to change these bad boys up year after year {remember the whole "they cost a family meal" thing?}

Doily Pumpkin

I just love this time of the year! We can't wait to take Baby B to a real pumpkin patch.

Pumpkin patch

Do you decorate with fake or real pumpkins? Or do you tend to use both around your home? Or are you a pumpkin hater? Go ahead, admit it.....we won't judge.

Psst.....looking for some more fall inspiration. Check out my other pumpkin projects here:
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PS. I've been having some issues with my comment section randomly switching back and forth from CommentLuv to the regular Blogger template (if any one knows how to fix this let me know!) I'm still receiving all comments via email, however, the CommentLuv comments disappear from time to time so I'm copying and pasting those comments in myself . Didn't want those commenters to feel like they wasted their time or anything!

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