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February 8, 2023

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Ship lap And Blue Mason Jars

Eh ma gawd, is it seriously 2016? Happy, happy New year! 

I'm excited to announce we gave birth............. 

to a big........

and beautiful........................................

new wall!

We seriously squeezed this baby in right before the end of 2015!

I've been bat ship for ship lap for awhile now. Yes, I just created a new term there.

And then Chip and JoJo entered my life, and the infatuation only continued to grow.

As soon as we wrapped up the walls in the playroom project last May,  I knew textured walls were the way I wanted to go in other areas of our home. I seriously love the character they add to a space! We have a large, boring wall in our kitchen dine-in area and I immediately knew it would be the perfect place to add this yummy PLANKINESS.

Here's an in-progress shot.....of the wall....and of Little Tarzan eating his way through our pantry.

Plank Wall Ship Lap

It still needs one last coat of paint before I can officially confirm it complete but I'm already madly, deeply in love with it! I'll be sharing more details and pictures of it in a few weeks (or you could just follow me over on Instagram where I always share A LOT more of our home and DIY projects!)

One thing I've never been good at here on the blog is of sharing our in-progress projects. I have a bad habit of just posting the end results. I find I often enjoy when other bloggers share the messy part in between...the part of the project where you want to scream "Who's fricken idea was this anyways?!" Which is exactly what I was thinking when I was sanding down each and every one of those planks! Or when we couldn't get the cut around the outlet "just right", or when I realized we used the wrong paint finish on the wall. So yeah......despite what the final reveal may look like the DIY life ain't all sunshine and unicorns!

Has anyone else started new projects yet? Has anyone else lost twenty pounds for met yet? Hello?!

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