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February 3, 2023

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Valentines Wall Art Decor

I pretty much make it a habit of making wall art out of anything other than wall art.

I'm not sure that even made any sense.

My point is I LOVE to dress up my walls with fun, unexpected things; not like unexpected-taxidermy-opossum-head things or anything like that. Does such a thing even exist? 

Ugh, I shudder to think about it.

Have I ever told you about how I have constant nightmares about being attacked by opossums?

Seriously, I would rather sit in a tank surrounded by tarantulas than to be in the same proximity of an opossum.

OMG, how did we get here? Oh yeah, wall art that's not wall art!

So as I mentioned I have used all kinds of things to create wall decor, take my gallery wall, for example.

That was at the old house, but some of my favorite pieces in that collection were the metal house numbers and the little piece of left over fabric I framed (long frame, bottom, center)

Another thing I love to use for art decor is cards, it's such an inexpensive way to jazz up your walls and some cards nowadays are practically gallery-worthy!

I saw some Valentine's Day cards in the dollar section at Target the other day that I fell in love with, so naturally, I did what most people would do....

I came home, immediately scribbled a sweet message in them, stamped them and sent them on their merrily way to some deserving recipients.

Just kidding....why would I do that?

I framed one and hung it on my wall.

Valentine Card Wall Art
Frame Cards For Wall Art

Isn't this card darling? I'm considering on keeping it hung in my office all year.

I mean who is Hallmark to say we can't celebrate Valentine's Day everyday?

So what kinds of things do you hang on your walls?

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