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February 3, 2023

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Gather Blueberry Printable

Hey, chums! It's been forever since I've shared a free printable and I thought now would be a great time. Kind of like a thank you gift for sticking around while I try to adjust to life with two littles. I know it's not a trip to Disney Land or anything but if you're anything like me then you love a pretty print for your wall. This "Gather" printable will fit nicely among most decor. I personally love it hanging out on my new kitchen shelves (more on that some other day!)

This blueberry-inspired wall art reminds me how for two summers in a row I've had it on my summer bucket list to go blueberry picking with Little B. Unfortunately, we missed blueberry season last year (doh! I just assumed they lasted all summer) and this year it's been hard to get out in the heat with the baby. Mark my words, I'm going to pick myself some dang berries next year!

Free printable wall decor

Click here to download your free "Gather" printable!

Blueberry Gather

This is a 5 x 7 print and it's best to print on card stock. Love to hear if you get use out of this!

Free Printable

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