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February 11, 2023

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Free Kitchen Art Printable

Happy Friday! Boy do I have a yummy new freebie for y'all! Last month I shared this fun kitchen art printable over at Uncommon Designs and perhaps you missed it.
I'm not sure where you've been!

I'm not much of a baker so the only reasonable explanation I had for last month's theme was that I was 38 weeks pregnant and was craving some ooey-gooey, warm, chocolate brownies!

And since I know a lot of people out there do like to bake I was hoping to use the freebie as a bribe to get them to drop off some baked goodies at my house. Surprisingly, there were no takers. Apparently people like to make pregnant women starve.

Free Kitchen Printable

I created the free printable in four different fun colors.

Kitchen Printable All Colors

Head on over to Uncommon Designs to get your own kitchen art. Just download and print.

Get your own kitchen art

Frame your art and hang in your kitchen or better yet give it as a gift

to the favorite baker in your life!


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