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January 29, 2023

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This kid's Halloween game is just enough spook for the little one's! This would be perfect for playing at home or at Halloween parties.

I decided to create and share this FREE and fun printable kid's Halloween game with you all today. The Ghost Detective game is something you can play at home with the kiddos or at any Halloween parties you may be planning for this month.

This game is the perfect way to add a little spook to your October. I would say kids ranging from the age of 3 to 7 would enjoy playing it, although the younger ones may need a little help with the clues.

Halloween games for kids

To get started wrap tissue paper around some lollipops, tie ribbon around the base of the pop, and then draw a ghost face with a marker (similar to the image below). 
Then hide your ghostly treats around the house. 

Kleenex ghost lollipops

{Image via The Dragon's Fairytale via}

Prior to the game you can write out short clues for your little detectives to follow. I've shared some examples below. Tell the players they are on a top secret assignment,then hand each of them a flashlight and a clues card.  Give them a few minutes to read the cards and to write notes in their detective books,then turn off the lights and let them go ghost hunting!  It’s like a fun scavenger hunt. The player with the most ghost at the end wins!

Download your free Halloween "Ghost Detective" clue cards 

Download your free Halloween "Ghost Detective" tags and notepad labels 

Print on plain paper or card stock.

Halloween game for kid party

I tied the tags with some ribbon around a pack of black pencils I found in the dollar section at Michaels. You can use these tags on the flashlights as well. I taped the top secret detective labels to little notepads that I found at the Dollar Store. Planning to play this game at a Halloween celebration? Let these items serve as the party favors for the kids too!

Ghost games for kids

The fun part for you is to come up with the clues! You can write just a few down on the cards to get the kids started. Need ideas? Here are the ones I came up with along with their coordinating lollipop hiding spots.

Clue#1 Sometimes even ghost need new sheets! {Linen closest}

Clue #2 What does a ghost eat for lunch? A boo-logna sandwhich of course! {Refrigerator or bread basket}

Clue#3 A good ghost never leaves home without his boo-ts. {Inside the kid's boots or your home's designated shoe closest}

Clue#4 Baby ghost get boo-boos too! {Inside the band-aid box in your family's designated medicine cabinet}

There you have it! I think the kiddos will have a blast playing ghost detective and ridding your home of ghosts! I'm kind of jealous. Maybe I can convince the hubby to play. Haha!

I'd love to hear if you use the printables!

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