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February 10, 2023

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free printable with you seed packets

It’s back to school time! I know a lot of you like to make little gifts for your child’s teachers so today I am sharing a free printable with you; seed packets!

 “Teachers plant the seeds of

knowledge that grow forever”.

Here’s What You’ll Need

Plain White Paper


Glue Stick

Packet of Seeds

Craft Punch (scalloped or circle)

Twine or Ribbon

Small hole Punch

Sheet of Coordinating Colored Cardstock or Scrap Paper

Sheet of Coordinating Colored Cardstock or Scrap Paper

Download seed packet here. Print and cut out template.

Seed Packet Template

Fold and glue your packet together starting with the short side first, then fold up the bottom tab, then the long side tab. Leave the top of the packet open for now.  Fill packet with seeds. Now if you’d like to add a gift tag take your craft puncher and colored cardstock and punch out your tag.  Punch a small hole in both the corner of your tag and in the top tab of your packet.  In order to avoid a seed spill I wouldn’t recommend punching a hole anywhere else! Adhere your gift tag with twine or ribbon.  Now fold and glue down the top tab.

Seed Packet Template Green

Aren’t these fun? This is a super simple way to show your gratitude for those who teach. The packets would also be cute to use as gift cardholders. Please let me know if you come up with any other way to use them!

PS. You can thank me later by dogsitting.

PPS. One of my dogs has diarrhea. My dogs are really sweet and not needy by any means.

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