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February 11, 2023

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The life of my hair is about as exciting as watching paint dry.  My mane has two personalities; down and straight or down and curly.  I have a natural mix of curly and wavy hair so the fact that Chicago experienced its third hottest July on record last month I haven’t seen straight hair in what feels like ages. There’s no point, when you know as soon as you walk out of the house the humidity is going to turn you into the bride of Frankenstein. But lately I’ve been yearning to get a bit more creative with my hair so this week’s Dose of Delight is focusing on the MANE attraction!*insert cheesy laugh*

Special Occasion Up-do
{Source:The Beauty Department -which by the way I think this just became one my favorite new blogs! Lauren Conrad, whom I have a style crush on, is one of three bloggers over The Beauty Department , where she doles out alot of good tips.}

We’re heading to our hometown this weekend for our friend’s wedding and I’m making it a goal to attempt this up-do or at least something that resembles it. It is a far cry from my typical pin straight style I typically wear to weddings so wish me luck and let's hope this doesn't end with me throwing the brush at the mirror or something. Thanks to YouTube I've also been trying to teach myself how to french braid and I think I may finally be getting the hang of it.



I am head over heels in love with all the headband wearing out there; over the head , around the forehead, big flowers, feathers, any which way I am smitten with it. I’ve been eyeing a few on Etsy that I want to purchase but like I was discussing with a fellow blogger the other night I feel like I look like Rambo when I attempt the forehead thing. In case you’ve forgotten, Rambo is not cute. This sweet gal swears that you get use to the forehead style after you wear it a few times, so perhaps I'll give it a try.  Maybe when I'm cleaning. Wait a minute who I am kidding, cleaning? Does that task even exist in my life anymore?

So what's your favorite hair trend these days? Have you tried the headband thing?

Have a delightful weekend!

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