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February 9, 2023

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DIY Baby Closet Dividers

I decided to share with you all these DIY baby closet dividers that I made for a good friend who recently had her first little hen. It's been babypalooza around here lately! The mama, "soon-to-be recipient" of these closet dividers & another one of our friends were at the same hospital, same floor, at the same time delivering their offspring. Then this past weekend my family welcomed this little peanut into the world!

Welcoming this little peanut into the world!

Say "bonjour" to my fresh & hello-can-I bottle-up-your softness {seriously, why can't baby skin stay with us forever?} nephew, Toby James.

Now, I have yet to produce a human being but something tells me that the simple things to help keep a new mommy organized are much appreciated.  Since I love the idea of bewstowing handmade goodies on my homies I decided I wanted to make some baby closet dividers to help my friend escape chaos with the all those irresistable, adorable, itty-bitty clothes.

Materials Needed

Five Pieces of Square Wood Shapes {found mine at Hobby Lobby}

Decorative Scrapbook Paper

Solid Colored Card Stock

Baby Onesie Template

Small Flower Punch or Flower Template

Number & Letter Stickers



Mod Podge Gloss

Paint Brush or Sponge

Paint {optional}



The first thing I did after opening my packages of wood shapes was to paint the sides white. This step isn't really necessary but the sides of your wood will show after applying your scrapbook paper & if your craft anal like me then you'll want it to coordinate.

Scrapbook paper

Once the paint has dried use one of your wood shapes as a template to trace and cut your scrapbook paper out. These are going to be the paper you use to cover both the front & back of your wood dividers so make sure to cut two sheets per wood shape. 

Wood dividers

In order to prepare your little cut out onesies you can either free hand {ooh, you are braver than me!} or print off an online template like this one from House of Stir Fry.
Use the template to trace & cut your own onesies from your solid cardstock. If you work with the same size sequence that I did for my dividers then you will need 5 total.

I then used a small flower punch on the scraps from my paper to create little daisies to place on top of my onesies.

A small flower punch on the scraps

Now it's time to assemble all your paper goodies to the wood shapes so break out the Mod Podge.  Apply glue to one side of each of your wood shapes & adhere your paper.  Then glue your onesies down, then your flowers, & then add your stickers. Apply more Mod Podge glue over the top of everything in order to seal the paper & stickers down. Allow to dry. Then flip and repeat the process with the rest of your scrap book paper to the other side of your wood dividers {I only adorned one side of the dividers with onesies and sizes.}

Little daisies

After everything has dried bust out the drill, place a small hole in the top of your wood dividers, & then string some pretty ribbon through allowing enough slack for them to be tied around an average size closet rod or rack. And then you're done!

Baby Closet Divider

Aren't homemade gifts the best? I can't wait to give them to my friend! Once she sees these she'll be able to relax because I'm pretty sure she thought I was moving in when one day out of the blue I texted her random questions about the baby's closet. I also figured she's a little preoccupied these days so I don't think I'll spoil the surprise by sharing them on the bloggity-blog first. 

Homemade Gifts

Of course being the packaging lover that I am I couldn't resist placing them in a cute little muslin bag with an iron decal that I created.  Isn't it suh-weet?

I'm thinking these may be my new go-to baby gifts!
 Pet tarantulas didn't seem to be going over too well.

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