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How Breeze Blocks can Improve Your Interior Designs

November 23, 2023

2 mins read

If you think breeze blocks, it's probable you’ll think of a big, gray and bulk block. You usually find these blocks in very industrial construction sites and they are used by professionals to build big, everlasting structures.

But what if you fuse the durability of breeze blocks with a modern style accent? Clay Imports makes the world's best designed clay building products and they decided to bring this expertise to breeze blocks, and in this article, you’ll find out how to take advantage of this emerging design trend.

Design and install by Jon Nuckles | Photo by Nick Simonite

What are clay breeze blocks? 

First introduced in American design during the 30’s, clay breeze blocks were used as a response to concrete blocks. They are usually cheaper and were used particularly in warmer locations like Palm Springs, given the fact this kind of material allows for air flow and keeps the environment fresh. 

The patterned designs of breeze blocks make them a popular choice as a modern decorative accent in trendy eateries or even your neighbor's outdoor space.

Breeze blocks combines the aesthetic of west coast Mid-Century Modern and Mexican contemporary architecture into a piece that can open very interesting design choices.

Keep in mind that, despite being called breeze blocks, this construction material is not intended for use as a structural unit; they shine more as the decorative touch you’ve been looking for.

Clay breeze blocks as an accent touch

Unlike their regular concrete counterpart, clay breeze blocks are made of natural clay and they conserve the natural orange shade of this natural product.

Clay breeze blocks, being usually hand designed, also have more pattern options. These characteristics translate to different design options: if you want to have a cozy and homemade vibe to your project, you can choose a more traditional design. But if you choose a more unconventional breeze block pattern, you will add a more modern design to your kitchen or outdoor patio.

What can you build with Clay Breeze blocks?

As we mentioned before, clay breeze blocks are not intended as a structural unit, but that doesn’t mean you can use them to build anything.

Breeze blocks can be used to build a separation or accent wall in your outdoor patio,  you can use them as an alternative to a front yard fence, and you can even build a work desk with them! The possibilities are endless and the material is really easy to work with. 

There’s nothing more satisfying than finishing your own DIY project, and we are convinced that clay breeze blocks are the perfect product for you to start your own renewal. 

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