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How Can You Cyber-Secure Your Smart Home?

November 27, 2023

3 mins read

Cyber security has become important more than ever today. With the advancement of internet technology, the threats of cybercrimes are also on the rise, and every step you take in the favor counts.

Smart homes are becoming a norm now which means you also need to cyber secure your house. Just like installing a smart device or a smart home system isn’t a difficult task anymore, neither it is to secure them fully. You just need to follow some steps and you can be safe than ever being sorry later on.

Therefore, we have prepared this guide for you with 6 ways you need to cyber secure so you can continue to enjoy a smart ecosystem in your homes without any stress of cyberattacks.

1.    Bolster Your Wi-Fi Connection

Your smart home starts from your Wi-Fi and you need to lock it down to its last security level. You wouldn’t be wrong to assume it is a drawbridge for your smart castle.

It starts with subscribing to a well-reputed internet service, the likes of Cox Internet which comes protected with Cox Security Suite to ensure your secure browsing experience. It is no less than a prerequisite, - a first step.

Begin by setting a strong password, don’t broadcast your SSID, and enable WPA3. You will be good on your way to securing your smart home.

2.    Strong Passwords Please

None of that 12345 for your password anymore, please! We have come a long way with technology and smart gadgets and everyone must know by now that this is not a strong password and you need to set a strong one to strengthen your cybersecurity.

Set a unique yet complex password for every single device. How about you use a password manager for this all? Remembering all the passwords has become easy too now.

3.    Official Apps Only

Be sure of whatever you are downloading from the official app stores. Be it Apple App Store, or Google Play Store, you cannot just download every app available there. Consider this as your defense against any potential malware-infested applications that can wreak a great deal of havoc on your smart devices ultimately affecting your smart home.

Only get the apps that you need for your gadget since anything extra or just for ‘fun’ can open you up to a cyberattack which means you need to be careful before you download anything even from any app store.

4.    Disable All the Extra Features

In our smart homes, the devices come filled with exciting features but for sure we do not use them all, right? You need to identify these features that are not in use and you must disable these.

For instance, if you have a smart fridge that has a camera in it, we don’t think you’d be using it exactly. So, instead of keeping this on, you can disable this feature and get rid of any possibility of a hacker peeking into your home.

5.    Set Up a Guest Network for the Win!

Did you know you can set up a guest network on your Wi-Fi connection? If you have guests visiting then you can give them access to this network. It is easily removable and it does come with extra security and the users will have only limited access to your network, ensuring safety.

This way your main device and data can be kept safe.

6.    Shield Segmentation

You can apply the concept of dividing and conquering right here.

Shield segmentation on your internet would mean different zones, and subnetworks for all the devices and you can have better control over them. So this way even if any of your devices does get affected, the others can still be prevented from being compromised.

Ending Thoughts

One wouldn’t be less than a fool to not pay heed to cybersecurity in the present times. With the advancement of Spectrum internet technology, the threats of cybercrimes are also on the rise, and every step you take inthe favor counts. The need to fortify your internet has become more critical than ever before. Hence taking the abovementioned precautions will allow you to be somewhat carefree for your internet and enjoy your smart home to the fullest. Use your virtual assistant, or handle your thermostat while away from your home. No worries!

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