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February 8, 2023

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How to Dye Rope

I'm sure at some point in your life your going to ask yourself "Hmm....I wonder if I can dye rope?"

Well, I'm here to tell you one the words of Obama "yes, you can, yes, you can".

Although, I'm quite certain he wasn't referring to colored rope.

That's a crying shame though because this technique really can open up a 

world of possibilities for you in terms of projects & home decor!

Exhibit A:

Wanna make your own rope decor?

First things first, lasso up your rope 

{haha get it? Hmmmm......okay awkward I'm the only one who laughed.}

and then grab what ever it is you want to decorate; vase, bowl, Aunt Pearl's urn, etc.....

decorate vase bowl

You can determine the amount of rope you're going to need by test wrapping 

your object & then eyeing where to cut if off at.

Now if you want alternating colors on your project similar to mine 

you'll need a tape measure handy while you are dyeing.

Next fill a container with water & then add some food coloring.

Add & mix colors until you get your desired hue {I mixed blue and green for a more teal effect}.

 I decided to color every other 4 feet of rope blue so I soaked my rope by sections allowing each to sit in the water for about half an hour. The longer it sits the darker the color 

{which I learned when I accidentally forgot about my project & let the last section sit over night...that's why the stripe at the top of my container is slightly darker!}

Let the rope dry overnight.

rope dry overnight

Once dry adhere the rope to your object with a hot glue gun wrapping tightly to avoid any gaps.

object with a hot glue gun wrapping tightly

Now I just need to find a home for my new decor.

What projects have you been working on lately? Have you played with rope lately? 

I mean for crafting.....I don't want to know what kind of kinky stuff you do behind closed doors.

Geez Louise what kind of blog do you think this is anyways?

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