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February 4, 2023

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how to paint an old basket

I'm trying to remain humble about this but you guys, I saved a life. That's right, just last week an old basket of mine was destined for a landfill or a lonely, overcrowded stay at the local thrift shop. Today, thanks to my heroism, it got to see another day here at home where it belongs. Here's the story of how I brought a orangey-brown, glossy (kind of tacky)basket back to life..............

How to French Antique A Basket

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 Last week during one of my purging binges, I decided to go through my basket inventory. I'm not sure how I've managed to accumulate so many, but one would think I've kidnapped Red Riding Hood. This one particular brown basket always seems to be problematic for me. I swear I've chucked it into the donation pile so many times over the past year, but for some reason it always manages to find it's way back out and into my basement again.

 I think it was because I'm smitten with the shape and size of it, but the finish on it was shiny,and orangey, and it just wasn't my jam anymore. So once again, I walked it over to the donation pile and like so many other times in the past, I hesitated and went through my usual head conversations. "But it's such a nice size!" "Am I sure I can't use this anywhere?" "What if I decide to be Dorothy from Wizard of Oz this year for Halloween?" And then it hit me! What if I just try to paint or antique it? And that my friends, is the story of how I saved it's life.

french antique paint technique on basket

So I wanted to give my basket a French antique look because I figured since that style was more up my alley, I would feel more compelled to rescue this thing from the basement and use it somewhere among my decor. I feel really silly labeling this a "tutorial" because seriously, "antiquing" this was the easiest thing ever.

Materials Needed to French Antique a Basket

*Paint ( Any paint will do but I used a Martha Stewart brand paint. I used an off-white color so that the basket wouldn't come out looking stark white! A light grey color would work too.)
*Paint Brush (similar one)

*Paper Towel

chalk paint brush

To get the "antique" look I simply just used the "dry paint" technique, which consists of putting just a little paint on your brush and then dabbing it on a paper towel before applying it to the basket. The point is to allow some of the brown wicker to still show through. You're not trying to cover every inch of your basket.

dry paint technique on basket for antique look

After you apply your paint, you just let it dry. See did I tell you this was ridiculously easy or what?

DIY French antique basket

I'm actually quite shocked at how much I fell back in love with this basket. As soon as the paint dried, I ran it upstairs and started styling and playing around with it in my dining room. It's taken up permanent real estate in there ever since.

This simple paint technique is a great way to revitalize any old baskets you may have or even pick up at thrift stores (Lord knows, they're never short on baskets!)

how to paint wicker basket

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