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February 1, 2023

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Freezer Paper Stencil T-shirts

Creating freezer paper stenciled items has quickly become one of my favorite crafting techniques.

So much so that if I owned Twitter the hash tag #freezerpaperaddict would be trending everyday, all day long. Then again if I owned Twitter I probably wouldn't be sitting around

decorating t-shirts with freezer paper & sixty nine cents acrylic paint.

Where is this conversation going anyways?

Oh yeah, on to my little stenciled t-shirts

Soooooooo the other day I discovered these little Gerber toddler shirts in my craft stash. I believe they were leftover from some shower gift I made a few years ago. 

Little Gerber toddler shirts

Even though it will be a while before he can wear them {they're 24 months} Baby B obviously gets first dibs on them.

I decided to go all nautical on 'em.

This tutorial is a little watered down {I believe I was hungry or something and was in quite the rush to finish these shirts}. If you're interested in checking out more of step-by-step instructional tutorial feel free to check out my freezer paper stenciled favor bags I did for Valentine's Day.

This time instead of drawing and cutting out my own stencil on freezer wax paper I actually managed to get my Silhouette machine to work properly for me. Sans cursing and throwing of things......can you believe it? I used it to cut out a little whale and crab stencil I bought from Silhouette's on-line store.

I then used my iron to apply the stencils to the shirts {waxy side down} and started painting away.

Wax paper stencils
New nautical t-shirts

Once the shirts were slightly dry I removed the wax paper stencils

and bada bing, bada boom; new nautical t-shirts!

Little stenciled t-shirts
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