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January 31, 2023

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How neat! Inspired by Fixer Upper! How to Make Large Christmas Art From Old Patents.

Merry Christmas week! Are you managing to stay sane this holiday season? In between endless mugs of hot chocolate, gift wrapping, and holiday light sightseeing; the hubby and I managed to squeeze in one last Christmas project. Tonight I wanted to swing by and share this fun and HUGE Vintage Sleigh Patent Wall Art we created for our family room wall

So I was totally inspired by last week's episode of Fixer Upper; the one where they used old musical patents as wall art. So much so, that I felt compelled to try to create our own version of patent wall art.
This project was so incredibly simple and inexpensive!

DIY Christmas sign

The first thing I had to do was to hunt down an old cool patent.
Did you know there was such a thing as Google Patents?
I had no clue but should have known better because I mean c'mon there's a Google "everything".

Anyways, so they have a site where you can search for thousands and thousands of patents from around the world. Patents for bikes, gardening tools, animal toilets...yes, even animal toilets.
 I wanted to create something "Christmasy", so right I away I went on a search for sleighs and much to my delight I found a handful of good looking ones.
In the end I chose this Spring Sleigh patent diagram from 1904.

Sleigh Patent

Once you select the patent of your choice, you'll want to click on the "original picture" link and then download or right click and save the image to your computer.

After the design  has been saved, you can have it printed through your local Staples as a large engineering print. (NOTE: You may find your local Office Max does them as well. I know my local store stopped offering the service for some reason. Boooo.) Engineering prints are great for black and white images and they're extremely cost effective when it comes to creating large wall art. I went with the 36 x 48 and only paid a little over $7.00 for it.

Old patent wall art

My hubby whipped up a simple and large frame out of some left over fence board,
that I then spraypainted red.

How to make a rustic wood frame

Once the paint dried, I flipped the frame over and used an upholstery staple gun to attach the engineering print to the back of the frame. We then added a few sawtooth hangers and then hung our new holiday art on the wall. That's it! I seriously wish all of our projects were this dang easy!

DIY Christmas wall art

Thanks for stopping by during this time of holiday hustlin' and bustlin'.
May the odds be in your favor these last few days of holiday madness, my friends!

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