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February 4, 2023

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I've got about fifty random things that I wanted to share with you lovelies. Individually these things aren't enough to take up a whole post so instead, lucky you, I'm just throwing them all out there. So welcome to my brain.

*YOU GUYS.....I think I finally found a mommy for the motherforker doll {blink....I didn't say what you thought I said.} Yesterday while combing through my Google Analytics I saw one of the referral search keywords to the DN was "mini doll organ". He just may be adopted....either that or a doll serial killer happen to land on my page.

*Picked up this dress in black at Old Navy last weekend & seriosuly can't stop thinking about how much I lurrrve it. I can't get over how freaken comfortable it is. I went for the sales & of course I had to fall for a new item that was full price but whatev.......Seriously considering going back & picking up the pink one too.

*I've decided since I get quite a handful of emails {and by handful I mean like two} with questions about starting an Etsy biz that I'll be doing a new monthly series here. I just haven't thought of a name for it yet. 

*Speaking of emails, this morning when I logged into my Yahoo account it said I had 10,693 new emails!! I immediatly figured I must have said something to offend someone. A whole bunch of someones.  Phew. Luckily, it was just a glitch.

*You know your a craftoholic when you wake up in the middle of the night to your hubby talking in his sleep and he says, and I quote, "Please.....please, honey, stop painting my face."

*Lastly, I've realized I never really gave a proper farewell to Melissa & the Confessions of a Makeup Junkie series.  I feel like a soap opera producer & like I have to kill off her character or something.  Death by a stippling brush! Truthfully, Melissa recently became engaged over the holidays & between having like a dozen jobs & planning her wedding she's become one busy, busy bee. So we have decided to bid adieu to that series. I want to thank Melissa for sharing her cosmetic geniusness with us while she was here! Seriously, the girl had some awesome tips.

So now my friends may I ask one little favor?

Right now Melissa is running a giveaway & it's not even the prize {makeup goodies} that I am concerned about {although after capping off a few giveaways on my stationery on some other blogs it'd be nice to be the winner for once!}

 It's more as a little way for me to thank her for the effort she put into her series here.

Pretty please with a cherry on top head over on over to her Facebook page here & leave a little note letting her know Delightfully Noted sent you! I'll clean your toilets if you do.

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